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Agite 2

Schoolbook Agite 2 (Schöningh)


Vokabular des Lehrbuchs breVIA

Chapter 1

This is self explanatory.

Complete Dictionary

This is a group for the different frequency lists.

Cursus A - HJG

Schulbuch Cursus A, 2018, Cornelson...

delete me

delete me as soon as you have tried me out

First Form Latin

by Memoria Press

Kapitel 8 - HJG

Cursus A - Kapitel 8 - HJG - dies ist die...

Klasse9 -Latein-

Meine Wortlernlisten für den Lateinunterricht


Latein - Grundlagen I

Latin B

9th Grade Latin

MIR 8 9 10

MIR Lektionen 8-10

Remaining Groups