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Inherent to Arcus

Vocable Translation
addo, addis, addere C, addidi, additum Verb add, insert, bring/attach to, say in addition,...
antiquus/antiqua/antiquum, AO Adjective ancient, old-time
appello, appellas, appellare A, appellavi, appellatum Verb call
bonus/bona/bonum, AO Adjective good
causa, causae [f.] A Noun reason, cause, case, situation
conservo, conservas, conservare A, conservavi, conservatum Verb preserve, conserve, maintain
contra Preposition against
cursus, cursus [m.] U Noun running, race, course
demonstro, demonstras, demonstrare A, demonstravi, demonstratum Verb point out, show, demonstrate
divido, dividis, dividere C, divisi, divisum Verb divide
fenestra, fenestrae [f.] A Noun window
figura, figurae [f.] A Noun shape, form, figure, image, beauty, style,...
finis, finis [m.] I Noun end, limit, boundary, purpose, (plural)...
flamma, flammae [f.] A Noun flame
fortuna, fortunae [f.] A Noun luck, fortune, destiny
humanus/humana/humanum, AO Adjective human
instrumentum, instrumenti [n.] O Noun tool, tools, equipment, apparatus, instrument,...
murus, muri [m.] O Noun wall, city wall
natio, nationis [f.] C Noun population
natura, naturae [f.] A Noun nature
numerus, numeri [m.] O Noun number, count
officium, officii [n.] O Noun duty, service
ornamentum, ornamenti [n.] O Noun equipment, decoration, jewel, ornament, trappings
perfectus/perfecta/perfectum, AO Adjective perfect, complete, excellent
populus, populi [m.] O Noun population
privatus/privata/privatum, AO Adjective private
publicus/publica/publicum, AO Adjective public
scientia, scientiae [f.] A Noun knowledge
servio, servis, servire I, servivi, servitum Verb serve
templum, templi [n.] O Noun temple
totus/tota/totum, AO Adjective whole, entire
ventus, venti [m.] O Noun wind
victoria, victoriae [f.] A Noun victory, win
vinum, vini [n.] O Noun wine

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