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Inherent to Hueber Sprachkurs Latein

Vocable Translation
amo, amas, amare A, amavi, amatum Verb love
appareo, appares, apparere E, apparui, apparum Verb appear, come out, become clear, become evident
appello, appellas, appellare A, appellavi, appellatum Verb call
audio, audis, audire I, audivi, auditum Verb hear, listen to
autem Conjunction but (put after), however
ave Interjection hail!, formal expression of greetings
ceterus/cetera/ceterum, AO Adjective remaining, rest
clamo, clamas, clamare A, clamavi, clamatum Verb shout, call
clamor, clamoris [m.] C Noun shout, outcry/protest, loud shouting (approval/jo…
clarus/clara/clarum, AO Adjective famous, popular, clear, bright, loud
dea, deae [f.] A Noun Goddess
delecto, delectas, delectare A, delectavi, delectatum Verb please (sb.), delight (sb).
enim Conjunction namely (postpos.), indeed, in fact, for, I mean, …
sum, es, esse IR, fui, - Verb be
homo, hominis [m.] C Noun human
hora, horae [f.] A Noun hour
ibi Preposition there, in that place, thereupon
imperator, imperatoris [m.] C Noun imperator, commander/general, emperor
laetus/laeta/laetum, AO Adjective happy, cheerful
lingua, linguae [f.] A Noun language, tongue
magnus/magna/magnum, AO Adjective big, great
nam Conjunction namely, because, since, for
non Adverb not
nunc Adv. Phrase still in translation
placeo, places, placere E, placui, placitum Verb please, oblidge
plaudeo, plaudes, plaudere E, plausi, plausum Verb clap, strike (w/flat hand), pat, beat (wings), ap…
pompa, pompae [f.] A Noun procession, retinue, pomp, ostentation
populus, populi [m.] O Noun population, people, nation, State, public/populac…
promitto, promittis, promittere C, promittmisi, promittmissum Verb send forth, promise
que Conjunction and
rideo, rides, ridere E, risi, risum Verb laugh
saluto, salutas, salutare A, salutavi, salutatum Verb greet, wish well, visit, hail, salute
sed Conjunction but
spectaculum, spectaculi [n.] O Noun play, drama, a sight, a show
summus/summa/summum, AO Adjective highest, furthest
tum Adverb then
turba, turbae [f.] A Noun uproar, disturbance, mob, crowd, multitude
venio, venis, venire I, veni, ventum Verb come

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