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Vocable Translation
et Conjunction and, also
fluvius, fluvii [m.] O Noun river, stream, running water, River
imperium, imperii [n.] O Noun Empire, Authority, order, command
insula, insulae [f.] A Noun island
magnus/magna/magnum, AO Adjective big, great
num Particle what? (in direct questions), if, whether, now, su…
oppidum, oppidi [n.] O Noun town, city
Parvus/Parva/Parvum, Parvi M Adjective small, little
pluralis/plurale, pluralis M Adjective plural
qui, quae, quod Relative Pronoun who, which, whom, that
quid Pronoun (1.) what (2.) What(?)
quoque Conjunction (1.) also, too (put after), Also, As well as (2.)…
singularis/singulare, singularis M Adjective alone, unique, single, one by one, singular, rema…
ubi Pronoun (1.) where?, where, in what place, (time) when, w…
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