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Vocable Translation
afficio, afficis, afficere M, affeci, affectum Verb manage, influence, make
aliter Adverb otherwise, differently, in any other way [aliter …
apud Preposition at, with
ardeo, ardes, ardere E, arsi, - Verb burn
Castra, Castrae [f.] A Noun camp, base, castle
cognosco, cognoscis, cognoscere C, cognovi, cognitum Verb become acquainted with, learn, recognize, (in per…
duco, ducis, ducere C, duxi, ductum Verb lead, guide, develop
expleo, exples, explere E, explevi, expletum Verb fill, fill up, complete
Facinus, Facinoris [n.] C Noun malpractice, crime
fallo, fallis, fallere C, fefelli, falsum Verb deceive, slip by, disappoint, be mistaken, beguil…
flumen, fluminis [n.] C Noun river
foedus, foederis [n.] C Noun treaty, league, formal agreement (between states)…
honor, honoris [m.] C Noun honor
iactare Other still in translation
interea Adverb meanwhile, in between
ira, irae [f.] A Noun anger, wrath, rage
laudo, laudas, laudare A, laudavi, laudatum Verb praise, commend
libertas, libertatis [f.] C Noun freedom
maneo, manes, manere E, mansi, mansum Verb stay
mitto, mittis, mittere C, misi, missum Verb send
muto, mutas, mutare A, mutavi, mutatum Verb (1.) change, alter (2.) exchange
neque Conjunction and not, nor, not, neither
nonulli Numeral some, a few
nuntius, nuntii [m.] M Noun envoy, messenger, message
obses, obsidis [m.] C Noun hostage, pledge, security
pono, ponis, ponere C, posivi, postum Verb put, place, set, station
qui, quae, quod Relative Pronoun who, which, whom, that
recipio, recipis, recipere M, recepi, receptum Verb take back, regain, admit, receive, keep back, rec…
reddo, reddis, reddere C, reddidi, redditum Verb return, restore, deliver, hand over, pay back, re…
redio, redis, redire I, redivi, reditum Verb go back, come back, return
remitto, remittis, remittere C, remisi, remissum Verb send back, remit, throw back, relax, diminish
repeto, repetis, repetere C, repetivi, repetitum Verb return to, get back, demand back/again, repeat, r…
rumpo, rumpis, rumpere C, rupi, ruptum Verb break, destroy
telum, teli [n.] O Noun dart, spear, weapon, javelin, bullet (gun)
timeo, times, timere E, timui, - Verb be scared of, fear, dread, be afraid (ne + SUB = …
virtus, virtutis [f.] C Noun bravery, fortitude, virtue
voco, vocas, vocare A, vocavi, vocatum Verb shout, call
vulnus, vulneris [n.] C Noun wound

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