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Vocable Translation
adsunt Other they are present (here)
deus ex machina Phrase a god from a machine
inicio, inicis, inicere M, injeci, injectum Verb hurl/throw/strike in/into, inject, put on, inspir…
is, ea, id Demonstrative Pronoun this
memoria, memoriae [f.] A Noun memory, recollection
porto, portas, portare A, portavi, portatum Verb Carry, bring
saccus, sacci [m.] O Noun sack, bag, wallet
tam Adverb so, so much (as), to such an extent/degree, never…
umerus, umeri [m.] O Noun upper arm, shoulder
veho, vehis, vehere C, vexi, vectum Verb bear, carry, convey, pass, ride, sail
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