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Inherent to Artes Latein-Grundkurs

Vocable Translation
ad Preposition to, toward, near, at, in, by
ambulo, ambulas, ambulare A, ambulavi, ambulatum Verb go, walk
ante Preposition before, previously, first, before this, earlier, …
aperio, aperis, aperire I, aperui, apertum Verb open, appear
aqua, aquae [f.] A Noun water
audio, audis, audire I, audivi, auditum Verb hear, listen to
cena, cenae [f.] A Noun food, meal, dinner
ceno, cenas, cenare A, cenavi, cenatum Verb eat
cogito, cogitas, cogitare A, cogitavi, cogitatum Verb think
cum+Indikativ Preposition when
deinde Conjunction then, then/next/afterward, thereon/henceforth/fro…
dormio, dormis, dormire I, dormivi, dormitum Verb sleep
etiam Conjunction also, too, even
hora, horae [f.] A Noun hour
ibi Preposition there, in that place, thereupon
inter (+ acc.) Preposition between, among, amid
liber, libri [m.] O Noun book, volume, inner bark of a tree
Loci Other not only - but also
maneo, manes, manere E, mansi, mansum Verb stay
negotium, negotii [n.] O Noun work, pain, trouble, annoyance, distress, busines…
per Preposition through, by
plerumque Adverb most of the time
post+Acc. Preposition after, behind, later, afterwards
recito, recitas, recitare A, recitavi, recitatum Verb read (aloud), present
ubi Pronoun where?, where, in what place, (time) when, whenev…
vel Conjunction or, even, actually, or even, in deed
venio, venis, venire I, veni, ventum Verb come
verbum, verbi [n.] O Noun word
villa, villae [f.] A Noun house, mansion
Vita Aucturis, Aucturisae [f.] A Noun life
voco, vocas, vocare A, vocavi, vocatum Verb shout, call

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