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Inherent to Cursus A - HJG

Vocable Translation
addo, addis, addere C, addidi, additum Verb add, insert, bring/attach to, say in addition, in…
adhuc Adverb yet, so far, still
barbarus/barbara/barbarum, AO Adjective barbarian, foreign
careo, cares, carere E, carui, cariturusum Verb (1.) be without, be deprived of, want, lack (2.) …
cena, cenae [f.] A Noun food, meal, dinner
dignus/digna/dignum, AO Adjective worthy, dignified
erro, erras, errare A, erravi, erratum Verb wander, err, go astray, be mistaken
humanitas, humanitatis [f.] C Noun human nature, character, feeling, kindness, court…
humanus/humana/humanum, AO Adjective human
impono, imponis, imponere C, imposui, impositum Verb impose, put upon, establish, inflict, assign/plac…
labor, laboris [m.] C Noun work, effort
laboro, laboras, laborare A, laboravi, laboratum Verb work
liber/libera/liberum, AO Adjective free (man), unimpeded, void of, independent, outs…
mos, moris [m.] C Noun habit, custom, manner, (plural) habits, character
muto, mutas, mutare A, mutavi, mutatum Verb (1.) change, alter (2.) exchange
neque … neque Phrase neither...nor, no no
privatus/privata/privatum, AO Adjective private
publicus/publica/publicum, AO Adjective public, (res, rei) ( Publica ae) = state, governm…
puella, puellae [f.] A Noun girl
puto, putas, putare A, putavi, putatum Verb think, clean, trim, reckon, suppose, judge, think…
quondam Adverb formerly, once, at one time, some day, hereafter
rex, regis [m.] C Noun king
sacrifico, sacrificas, sacrificare A, sacrificavi, sacrificatum Verb sacrifice
statuo, statuis, statuere C, statui, statutum Verb set up, establish, set, place, build, decide, thi…

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