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Vocable Translation
adhuc Adverb yet, so far, still, thus far, till now, to this p…
affero, affers, afferre IR, aftuli, aflatum Verb to bring, to bring to, to bring in
excito, excitas, excitare A, excitavi, excitatum Verb wake up, stir up, cause, raise, erect, incite, ex…
frigeo, friges, frigere E, -, - Verb be cold, lack vigor, get cold reception, fail to …
induo, induis, induere C, indui, indutum Verb put on, clothe, cover, dress oneself in, [se indu…
lavo, lavas, lavare A, lavi, lautum Verb wash, bathe, soak
mane Adverb in the morning, early in the morning
mergo, mergis, mergere C, mersi, mersum Verb dip, plunge, immerse, sink, drown, bury, overwhelm
nudus/nuda/nudum, AO Adjective naked, nude
posco, poscis, poscere C, poposci, - Verb ask, demand
purus/pura/purum, AO Adjective pure, clean, unsoiled, free from defilement/taboo…
soleo, soles, solere E, solitusi, solitum Verb be accustomed
sordidus/sordida/sordidum, AO Adjective dirty, unclean, foul, filthy, vulgar, sordid, low…
surgo, surgis, surgere C, surrexi, surrectum Verb get up, arise
toga, togae [f.] A Noun toga
tunica, tunicae [f.] A Noun undergarment, shirt, tunic
vestimentum, vestimenti [n.] O Noun garment, robe, clothes
vestio, vestis, vestire I, vestivi, vestitum Verb clothe
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