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Vocable Translation
doceo, doces, docere E, docui, doctum Verb teach
doleo, doles, dolere E, dolui, dolum Verb grieve, suffer, hurt, give pain
dominus, domini [m.] O Noun mister, gentleman, lord
etiam Conjunction also, too, even, still, again, moreover, as well …
fleo, fles, flere E, flevi, fletum Verb weep, cry
iam Adverb already, now
ibi Preposition (1.) there, in that place, thereupon (2.) there, …
lateo, lates, latere E, latui, - Verb lie hidden, lurk, live a retired life, escape not…
murus, muri [m.] O Noun wall, city wall
oculus, oculi [m.] O Noun eye
placeo, places, placere E, placui, placitum Verb please, satisfy
prae Preposition (1.) in front of, forward [prae sequor => go on b…
praebeo, praebes, praebere E, praebui, praebitum Verb offer, provide
que Conjunction and, And, Und
rectus/recta/rectum, AO Adjective right, proper, straight, honest
respondeo, respondes, respondere E, respondi, responsum Verb respond, answer
saepe Adverb often
silva, silvae [f.] A Noun forest
statim Adverb at once, immediately, Immediately
studeo, studes, studere E, studui, - Verb direct one's zeal, be eager for, study
teneo, tenes, tenere E, tenui, tentum Verb (1.) to hold, to come (2.) hold (3.) to hold, to …
timeo, times, timere E, timui, - Verb be scared of, fear, dread, be afraid (ne + SUB = …
torqueo, torques, torquere E, torsi, tortum Verb turn, twist, hurl, torture, torment, bend, distor…
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