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Vocable Translation
accusativus, accusativi [m.] O Noun accusative/objective case
audio, audis, audire I, audivi, auditum Verb hear, listen to, to Hear, to Listen
canto, cantas, cantare A, cantavi, cantatum Verb sing, play (roles/music), recite, praise, celebra…
cur Adverb why?, why, wherefore, for what reason/purpose?, o…
dormio, dormis, dormire I, dormivi, dormitum Verb sleep
ego, tu, - Personal Pronoun I, you, he/she/it (personal pronoun)
hic Adverb here
iam Adverb already, now
improbus/improba/improbum, AO Adjective wicked, flagrant, morally unsound, greedy, rude, …
interrogo, interrogas, interrogare A, interrogavi, interrogatum Verb ask, interview, interrogate
iratus/irata/iratum, AO Adjective furious, angry, mad
is, ea, id Demonstrative Pronoun this
laetus/laeta/laetum, AO Adjective happy, cheerful
neque Conjunction and not, nor, not, neither
nominativus/nominativa/nominativum, AO Adjective nominative
persona, personae [f.] A Noun mask, character, personality
ploro, ploras, plorare A, ploravi, ploratum Verb cry over, cry aloud, lament, weep, deplore
probus/proba/probum, AO Adjective good, honest
pulso, pulsas, pulsare A, pulsavi, pulsatum Verb beat, pulsate
quia Conjunction (1.) because, that (2.) because (3.) because (4.)…
respondeo, respondes, respondere E, respondi, responsum Verb respond, answer
rideo, rides, ridere E, risi, risum Verb laugh
scaena, scaenae [f.] A Noun theater stage, "boards", scene, theater, public s…
venio, venis, venire I, veni, ventum Verb come
verbero, verberas, verberare A, verberavi, verberatum Verb beat, strike, lash
verbum, verbi [n.] O Noun word
video, vides, videre E, vidi, visum Verb see
voco, vocas, vocare A, vocavi, vocatum Verb shout, call
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