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Vocable Translation
multi/multae/multa, AO Adjective much, many
ager, agri [m.] O Noun field, ground, farm, land, estate, park, territor…
Agricola, Agricolae [m.] A Noun farmer, peasant
amo, amas, amare A, amavi, amatum Verb love
amica, amicae [f.] A Noun friend (f.)
antiquus/antiqua/antiquum, AO Adjective ancient, old-time, antique
cogito, cogitas, cogitare A, cogitavi, cogitatum Verb think
conservo, conservas, conservare A, conservavi, conservatum Verb preserve, conserve, maintain, save
do, das, dare A, dedi, datum Verb give, offer, grant
debeo, debes, debere E, debui, debitum Verb owe, ought, must
erro, erras, errare A, erravi, erratum Verb wander, err, go astray, be mistaken
et Conjunction and, also
fama, famae [f.] A Noun (1.) rumor, report (2.) fame, reputation
femina, feminae [f.] A Noun woman
forma, formae [f.] A Noun form, shape, beauty
fortuna, fortunae [f.] A Noun luck, fortune, destiny
ira, irae [f.] A Noun anger, wrath, rage
laudo, laudas, laudare A, laudavi, laudatum Verb praise, commend
magnus/magna/magnum, AO Adjective big, great
meus/mea/meum, AO Adjective my
mi Personal Pronoun (=mihi) me, us
moneo, mones, monere E, monui, monitum Verb urge, warn, remind, advice
nauta, nautae [m.] A Noun sailor
nihil Pronoun nothing
non Adverb (1.) not (2.) no, not (3.) no, not (4.) not (5.) …
o Interjection Oh!
patria, patriae [f.] A Noun Home, Homeland, Country
pecunia, pecuniae [f.] A Noun money
philosophia, philosophiae [f.] A Noun philosophy
poena, poenae [f.] A Noun penalty, punishment
poeta, poetae [m.] A Noun poet
porta, portae [f.] A Noun door, portal
puella, puellae [f.] A Noun girl
quid Pronoun (1.) what (2.) What(?)
rosa, rosae [f.] A Noun rose
saepe Adverb often
salveo, salves, salvere E, -, - Verb be well/in good health, [salve => hello/hail/gree…
sed Conjunction but
sententia, sententiae [f.] A Noun feeling, thought, opinion, vote, sentence
servo, servas, servare A, servavi, servatum Verb preserve, save, keep, guard
si Conjunction if, If
sine Preposition without
terreo, terres, terrere E, terrui, territum Verb frighten, terrify
tuus/tua/tuum, AO Adjective your
valeo, vales, valere E, valui, valiturum Verb (1.) be strong, have power (2.) be well
video, vides, videre E, vidi, visum Verb (1.) see (2.) Seem
Vita Aucturis, Aucturisae [f.] A Noun life
voco, vocas, vocare A, vocavi, vocatum Verb (1.) shout, call (2.) summon (3.) name
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