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About this Site

Hey there!
Welcome to this Latin learning platform, the self-proclaimed 'Forum Romanorum' - the Roman Hub of all ambitious Latin learners ;)

We hope, this (web) application provides you with useful tools for easing the curve of learning the wonderful language Latin.

This is our core team:
  • Peter Julius Waldert
  • Moritz Mossb√∂ck

In short, we are two students from Graz.

When I, Peter, first got Latin as a subject six years ago, after recognizing the simple way of building forms by simply putting the word stem and ending together, I automated it. Which was the ignition of this project.

In case you find any errors or potential improvements, it really helps if you simply send us feedback! Also, if you would like to support this project, one of the best things you could do, is to share Latin is Simple on any social media platforms!

The Privacy and Cookies policies as well as contact information can be found here.

The interface of Latin is Simple is currently available in English and German. You may find the translations of the user interface here:

Special Thanks

I also wanted to thank the owner of, Paul Hemetsberger, who allowed me to use the English-German-dictionary of to add German translations to many words. If you'd like to contribute, you may do so by helping to translate.

Latinitium is a website that provides loads of useful resources for learning Latin, even including audio and video and interesting articles about the - maybe not as dead as one may think - Latin language. What's special about the site of Daniel Petterson is that most of its content can be found in English and Latin!