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Inherent to Medias in Res Texte

Vocable Translation
agnus, agni [m.] O Noun lamb
avia, aviae [f.] A Noun grandmother, rooted prejudice, old wives tale
avus, avi [m.] O Noun grandfather, forefather, ancestor
bis Adverb twice
bos, bovis [m.] C Noun ox, steer, cow
calidus/calida/calidum, AO Adjective warm, hot, fiery, lusty, eager, rash, on the...
caper, capri [m.] O Noun he-goat, billy-goat, goatish/armpit smell,...
cena, cenae [f.] A Noun food, meal
ceno, cenas, cenare A, cenavi, cenatum Verb eat
collum, colli [n.] O Noun neck, throat, head and neck, severed head,...
corvus, corvi [m.] O Noun raven, cormorant (w/aquaticus), kind of sea...
digitus, digiti [m.] O Noun finger, toe
et Conjunction and, also
etiam Conjunction also, too, even
frigidus/frigida/frigidum, AO Adjective cold, cool, chilly, frigid, lifeless, indifferent, dull
iaceo, iaces, iacere E, iacui, - Verb lie, lie prostrate, lie dead
improbus/improba/improbum, AO Adjective wicked, flagrant, morally unsound, greedy,...
laetitia, laetitiae [f.] A Noun joy/happiness, source of joy/delight,...
lavo, lavas, lavare A, lavi, lautum Verb wash, bathe, soak
lupus, lupi [m.] O Noun wolf
mane Adverb in the morning, early in the morning
poculum, poculi [n.] O Noun cup, bowl, drinking vessel, drink/draught,...
poto, potas, potare A, potavi, potatum Verb drink, drink heavily/convivially, tipple,...
potus, potus [m.] U Noun drink/draught, something to drink, (action of)...
quaeso, quaesis, quaesere C, -, - Verb beg, ask, ask for, seek
quater Adverb four times (number/degree), on four occasions,...
qui, quae, quod Relative Pronoun who, which, whom, that
risus, risus [m.] U Noun laughter
rumpo, rumpis, rumpere C, rupi, ruptum Verb break, destroy
semel Adverb once
tamquam Conjunction as, just as, just as if, as it were, so to...
ter Adverb three times, on three occasions
vulpes, vulpis [f.] M Noun fox

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