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Vocable Translation
apud Preposition at, with, among
autem Conjunction (1.) however (2.) but (put after), however (3.) h…
ceterus/cetera/ceterum, AO Adjective remaining, rest
cum Conjunction with, when, at the time/on each occasion/in the s…
desino, desinis, desinere C, desi, desitum Verb stop, cease (+infin.)
despero, desperas, desperare A, desperavi, desperatum Verb despair (of), have no/give up hope (of/that), giv…
enim Conjunction namely (postpos.), indeed, in fact, for, I mean, …
frater, fratris [m.] C Noun brother, cousin
hospes, hospitis [m.] C Noun guest, host, friend
ignoro, ignoras, ignorare A, ignoravi, ignoratum Verb not know, be unfamiliar with, disregard, ignore, …
interrogo, interrogas, interrogare A, interrogavi, interrogatum Verb ask, interview, interrogate
mitto, mittis, mittere C, misi, missum Verb send
nego, negas, negare A, negavi, negatum Verb deny, say that...not, to deny, say that... not
praebeo, praebes, praebere E, praebui, praebitum Verb offer, provide
pretium, pretii [n.] O Noun price, value, wage, salary
profecto Adverb surely, certainly, indeed, truly
proinde Adverb hence, so then, according to/in the same manner/d…
quamquam Conjunction though, although, yet, nevertheless, also
salus, salutis [f.] C Noun salutation, greeting, safety, salvation
servo, servas, servare A, servavi, servatum Verb preserve, save, keep, guard
si Conjunction if, If
sic Adverb (1.) so, this, still, in this way (2.) Thus, Just…
sors, sortis [f.] M Noun lot, fate, oracular response
traho, trahis, trahere C, traxi, tractum Verb draw, drag, derive, assume, acquire, influence, c…
vivo, vivis, vivere C, vixi, - Verb live
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