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Inherent to Cambridge Latin Course

Vocable Translation
nonnulli/nonnullae/nonnulla, AO Adjective several, some, a few
adiuvo, adiuvas, adiuvare A, adiūvi, adiūtum Verb help
annus, anni [m.] O Noun year
barbarus, barbari [m.] O Noun savage, barbarian, foreigner
celo, celas, celare A, celavi, celatum Verb conceal, hide, keep secret, disguise, keep in dar…
circum ( +ACC) Preposition around
deicio, deicis, deicere M, dejeci, dejectum Verb throw/pour/jump/send/put/push/force/knock/bring d…
durus/dura/durum, AO Adjective hard, harsh, rough, stern, unfeeling, hardy, diff…
efficio, efficis, efficere M, effeci, effectum Verb bring about, effect, execute, cause, accomplish, …
extraho, extrahis, extrahere C, extraxi, extractum Verb drag out, prolong, rescue, extract, remove
fidus/fida/fidum, AO Adjective faithful, loyal, trusting, confident
fons, fontis [m.] M Noun fontain, source
gravis/grave, gravis M Adjective heavy, heavily
haruspex, haruspicis [m.] C Noun soothsayer, diviner, inspector of entrails of vic…
hora, horae [f.] A Noun hour
infelix, infelicis M Adjective unfortunate, unhappy, wretched, unlucky, inauspic…
iubeo, iubes, iubere E, iussi, iussum Verb command, order, require
morbus, morbi [m.] O Noun disease, sickness
nuper Adverb newly, lately, recently, not long ago
occupatus/occupata/occupatum, AO Adjective occupied, busy
oppidum, oppidi [n.] O Noun town, city
peritus/perita/peritum, AO Adjective skilled, skillful, experienced, expert, with gen
plenus/plena/plenum, AO Adjective full, plump, satisfied
plus, pluris M Adjective more, several. many
pretium, pretii [n.] O Noun price, value, wage, salary
sapiens, sapientis M Adjective rational, sane, of sound mind, wise, judicious, u…
suscipio, suscipis, suscipere M, suscepi, susceptum Verb undertake, take on
unde Adverb wherefrom, whence, since
ā, ab ( ABL) Preposition by

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