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Vocable Translation
accipio, accipis, accipere M, accepi, acceptum Verb accept, take, receive
accurro, accurris, accurrere C, accucurri, accursum Verb run/hasten to (help), come/rush up (inanim subj.)…
accuso, accusas, accusare A, accusavi, accusatum Verb accuse, indict
adeo, adis, adire IR, adii, aditum Verb to go towards, approach
Advenio, Advenis, Advenire I, Adveni, Adventum Verb arrive
aeger/aegra/aegrum, AO Adjective sick/ill, infirm, unsound, injured, painful, grie…
aegroto, aegrotas, aegrotare A, aegrotavi, aegrotatum Verb be sick, be distressed/mentally/morally ill, be a…
aer, aeris [m.] C Noun air
ago, agis, agere C, egi, actum Verb (1.) drive, urge, conduct, act (2.) spend (time w…
ala, alae [f.] A Noun wing, upper arm/foreleg/fin, armpit, squadron (ca…
albus/alba/album, AO Adjective white, pale, fair, hoary, gray, bright, clear, fa…
altus/alta/altum, AO Adjective high, deep/profound, shrill, lofty/noble, deep ro…
amo, amas, amare A, amavi, amatum Verb love
ambulo, ambulas, ambulare A, ambulavi, ambulatum Verb go, walk
amicus, amici [m.] O Noun friend (m.)
amicus/amica/amicum, AO Adjective friendly, loving (of a lover)
anima, animae [f.] A Noun soul, breath, spirit, life
animal, animalis [n.] I Noun a living creature, animal
anulus, anuli [m.] O Noun ring, signet ring, circlet, ringlet/curl of hair,…
aperio, aperis, aperire I, aperui, apertum Verb open, appear
appono, apponis, apponere C, apposui, appositum Verb place near, set before/on table, serve up, put/ap…
aqua, aquae [f.] A Noun water
arbor, arboris [f.] C Noun tree
arcesso, arcessis, arcessere C, arcessivi, arcessitum Verb send for, summon, indict, fetch, import, invite, …
arcus, arcus [m.] U Noun bow, arc, coil, arch, rainbow, anything arched or…
arma, armorum [n.] O (Pl.) Noun weapons
armatus/armata/armatum, AO Adjective armed, equipped, defensively armed, armor clad, f…
aspicio, aspicis, aspicere M, aspexi, aspectum Verb look/gaze on/at, see, observe, behold, regard, fa…
atrium, atrii [n.] O Noun atrium, reception hall in a Roman house, auction …
audio, audis, audire I, audivi, auditum Verb hear, listen to, to Hear, to Listen
avunculus, avunculi [m.] O Noun maternal uncle, mother's brother, mother's sister…
baculum, baculi [n.] O Noun stick, walking stick, staff, lictor's rod/staff (…
balo, balas, balare A, balavi, balatum Verb bleat, baa (like a sheep), talk foolishly
barbarus/barbara/barbarum, AO Adjective foreign, of/used by/typical of foreigners, cruel,…
bellum, belli [n.] O Noun (1.) war, warfare (2.) war (3.) war, warfare
bene Adverb good
bibo, bibis, bibere C, bibi, bibitum Verb drink, toast, visit, frequent (w/river name), dra…
bonus/bona/bonum, AO Adjective (1.) good, great, pleasant, favorable, valuable (…
brevis/breve, brevis M Adjective short, little, small, stunted, brief, concise, qu…
caelum, caeli [n.] O Noun heaven, sky
campus, campi [m.] O Noun field, place, plain
canis, canis [m.] M Noun dog
canto, cantas, cantare A, cantavi, cantatum Verb sing, play (roles/music), recite, praise, celebra…
capere Verb To take, to seize, to capture
capillus, capilli [m.] O Noun hair, hair of head, single hair, hair/fur/wool of…
carpo, carpis, carpere C, carpsi, carptum Verb harvest, pluck, seize
castrum, castri [n.] O Noun fort/fortress, camp (pl.), military camp/field, a…
cauda, caudae [f.] A Noun tail (animal), extreme part/tail of anything, pen…
cerebrum, cerebri [n.] O Noun brain, top of the head, skull, bud, seat of sense…
cibus, cibi [m.] O Noun Food, Ration
clamo, clamas, clamare A, clamavi, clamatum Verb shout, call
clamor, clamoris [m.] C Noun shout, outcry/protest, loud shouting (approval/jo…
claudo, claudis, claudere C, clausi, clausum Verb shut, close, limp, stumble/falter/hesitate, be we…
collis, collis [m.] M Noun hill, hillock, eminence, hill-top, mound, high gr…
collus, colli [m.] O Noun neck, throat, head and neck, severed head, upper …
consisto, consistis, consistere C, constiti, constitum Verb stop, stand, halt, cease, pause, linger, stop spr…
consto, constas, constare A, constiti, constatum Verb agree, correspond, fit, be correct, be dependent,…
convenio, convenis, convenire I, convenirei, conventum Verb (1.) gather, convene, assemble, accost (2.) agree…
cor, cordis [n.] M Noun heart, mind, soul
crassus/crassa/crassum, AO Adjective thick/deep, thick coated (w/ABL), turbid/muddy (r…
culter, cultri [m.] O Noun knife, pruner edge, spear point, plowshare (L+S)
curro, curris, currere C, cucurri, cursum Verb run, rush, move quickly
do, das, dare A, dedi, datum Verb give, offer
defendo, defendis, defendere C, defendi, defensum Verb defend/guard/protect, look after, act/speak/plead…
delecto, delectas, delectare A, delectavi, delectatum Verb please (sb.), delight (sb).
dens, dentis [m.] M Noun tooth, tusk, ivory, tooth-like thing, spike
detergeo, deterges, detergere E, detersi, detersum Verb wipe/clean off/away, strip/trim/sheer/break/sweep…
deus, dei [m.] O Noun god, supreme being, statue of god
dico, dicis, dicere C, dixi, dictum Verb say, call, tell
digitus, digiti [m.] O Noun finger, toe
discedo, discedis, discedere C, discessi, discessum Verb go away, depart
divido, dividis, dividere C, divisi, divisum Verb divide
doleo, doles, dolere E, dolui, dolitum Verb hurt, feel/suffer pain, grieve, be afflicted/pain…
dormio, dormis, dormire I, dormivi, dormitum Verb sleep
duco, ducis, ducere C, duxi, ductum Verb lead, guide, develop, prolong
dux, ducis [m.] C Noun leader, guide, commander, general
edo, edis / es, edere C, edi, essum Verb eat/consume/devour, eat away (fire/water/disease)…
ego, tu, - Personal Pronoun I, you, he/she/it (personal pronoun)
emo, emis, emere C, emi, emptum Verb buy, purchase
equito, equitas, equitare A, equitavi, equitatum Verb ride (horseback)
equitatus, equitatus [m.] U Noun cavalry, horse-soldiers, equestrian order, bodies…
equus, equi [m.] O Noun horse
erro, erras, errare A, erravi, erratum Verb wander, err, go astray, be mistaken
sum, es, esse IR, fui, - Verb be, exist
eum Demonstrative Pronoun he, this
exercitus, exercitus [m.] U Noun army
expugno, expugnas, expugnare A, expugnavi, expugnatum Verb take by assault, storm, capture, reduce, subdue
exspecto, exspectas, exspectare A, exspectavi, exspectatum Verb expect
fenestra, fenestrae [f.] A Noun window
ferraus/ferraa/ferraum, AO Adjective bound or covered with iron, with iron points or s…
ferus/fera/ferum, AO Adjective wild, savage, uncivilized, untamed, fierce
fessus/fessa/fessum, AO Adjective exhausted, tired
finis, finis [m.] C Noun end, limit, border, boundary, (plural) territory
fluo, fluis, fluere C, fluxi, fluxum Verb flow
flumen, fluminis [n.] C Noun river, stream, current, tide, flood, onrush, runn…
fluvius, fluvii [m.] O Noun river, stream, running water, River
foedus/foeda/foedum, AO Adjective foul, filthy, unclean, disgusting, loathsome, gha…
folium, folii [n.] O Noun leaf
formosus/formosa/formosum, AO Adjective beautiful, finely formed, handsome, fair, having …
fortis/forte, fortis M Adjective strong, brave, powerful, mighty, vigorous, firm, …
fossa, fossae [f.] A Noun ditch, trench, canal, moat, dike, fosse
frater, fratris [m.] C Noun brother, cousin
frons, frontis [f.] M Noun forehead
fugio, fugis, fugere M, fugi, fugitum Verb flee, fly, run away, avoid, shun, go into exile
gaudeo, gaudes, gaudere E, -, gavisum Verb delight, be glad, rejoice (Semidep.), rejoice, ta…
gemma, gemmae [f.] A Noun bud, jewel, gem, precious stone, amber, cup (mate…
gemmatus/gemmata/gemmatum, AO Adjective jeweled
gena, genae [f.] A Noun cheeks (pl.), eyes
gladius, gladii [m.] O Noun sword
gravis/grave, gravis M Adjective heavy, painful, important, serious, pregnant, gra…
habeo, habes, habere E, habui, habitum Verb have, hold, possess, consider, think
habito, habitas, habitare A, habitavi, habitatum Verb reside, live, dwell
hasta, hastae [f.] A Noun spear
herba, herbae [f.] A Noun herb, grass
hic, haec, hoc Demonstrative Pronoun this, that
horreo, horres, horrere E, horrui, - Verb dread, shrink from, shudder at, stand on end, bri…
hortus, horti [m.] O Noun garden, fruit/kitchen garden, pleasure garden, pa…
hostis, hostis [m.] M Noun enemy
humanus/humana/humanum, AO Adjective human
iaceo, iaces, iacere E, iacui, - Verb lie, lie prostrate, lie dead
iacio, iacis, iacere M, ieci, iactum Verb throw, cast, hurl, lay, scatter, diffuse, skid
iecur, iecinoris [n.] C Noun liver
impero, imperas, imperare A, imperavi, imperatum Verb command, rule
impetus, impetus [m.] U Noun attack, assault, charge, attempt, impetus, vigor,…
impluvium, impluvii [n.] O Noun basin in atrium floor to receive rain-water from …
impono, imponis, imponere C, imposui, impositum Verb impose, put upon, establish, inflict, assign/plac…
improbus/improba/improbum, AO Adjective wicked, flagrant, morally unsound, greedy, rude, …
incolo, incolis, incolere C, incolui, incultum Verb live, dwell/reside (in), inhabit, sojourn
inimicus, inimici [m.] O Noun unfriendly, hostile
inimicus/inimica/inimicum, AO Adjective unfriendly, hostile, harmful
interrogo, interrogas, interrogare A, interrogavi, interrogatum Verb ask, interview, interrogate
intro, intras, intrare A, intravi, intratum Verb enter, go, enter, go
iro, iras, irare A, iravi, iratum Verb get/be/become angry, fly into a rage, be angry at…
iratus/irata/iratum, AO Adjective furious, angry, mad
eo, is, ire IR, ii, - Verb go
is, ea, id Demonstrative Pronoun this
iubeo, iubes, iubere E, iussi, iussum Verb command, order, require
labrum, labri [n.] O Noun bowl, large basin/vat, tub/bathing place, teasel …
lacrima, lacrimae [f.] A Noun tear, teardrop, eyewater, eyewater
lacrimo, lacrimas, lacrimare A, lacrimavi, lacrimatum Verb shed tears, weep
laetus/laeta/laetum, AO Adjective happy, cheerful
latro, latras, latrare A, latravi, latratum Verb bark, bark at
latus, lateris [n.] C Noun side, flank
latus/lata/latum, AO Adjective wide, broad, spacious, extensive
lectica, lecticae [f.] A Noun litter
lectus, lecti [m.] O Noun bed, couch, lounge, sofa, bridal bed
lectus/lecta/lectum, AO Adjective chosen, picked, selected, choice, excellent
levis/leve, levis M Adjective light, thin, trivial, trifling, slight, gentle, f…
lilium, lilii [n.] O Noun lily, "lily" trap
linea, lineae [f.] A Noun string, line (plumb/fishing), [alba ~ => white li…
lingua, linguae [f.] A Noun language, tongue
longus/longa/longum, AO Adjective long
luceo, luces, lucere E, luxi, - Verb shine, emit light (heavenly body), dawn, cause to…
lupus, lupi [m.] O Noun wolf
lux, lucis [f.] C Noun light
male Adverb bad
malus/mala/malum, AO Adjective bad, evil, wicked, ugly, unlucky
mare, maris [n.] I Noun sea, moon plains
margarita, margaritae [f.] A Noun pearl
medicus, medici [m.] O Noun doctor
medius/media/medium, AO Adjective middle
mensa, mensae [f.] A Noun table, dining, dish, course
mercator, mercatoris [m.] C Noun trader, merchant
metior, metiris, metiri I, mensus sum (Dep.) Verb measure, estimate, distribute, mete, traverse, sa…
metuo, metuis, metuere C, metui, - Verb fear, dread
metus, metus [m.] U Noun fear, dread, anxiety
miles, militis [m.] C Noun soldier
milito, militas, militare A, militavi, militatum Verb serve as soldier, perform military service, serve…
modus, modi [m.] O Noun (1.) measure, bound, limit (2.) manner, method, m…
mons, montis [m.] M Noun mountain
monstro, monstras, monstrare A, monstravi, monstratum Verb show
mortuus/mortua/mortuum, AO Adjective dead
murus, muri [m.] O Noun wall, city wall
nasus, nasi [m.] O Noun nose
nidus, nidi [m.] O Noun nest
niger/nigra/nigrum, AO Adjective black, dark, unlucky
nomen, nominis [n.] C Noun name, Name, Name, name, name
noster/nostra/nostrum, AO Adjective our, ours
nubes, nubis [f.] C Noun cloud
numero, numeras, numerare A, numeravi, numeratum Verb count, add up, reckon/compute, consider, relate, …
nummus, nummi [m.] O Noun coin, cash, money, sesterce
nuntius, nuntii [m.] M Noun envoy, messenger, message
oculus, oculi [m.] O Noun eye
oppugno, oppugnas, oppugnare A, oppugnavi, oppugnatum Verb fight against, attack, assault, assail
ornamentum, ornamenti [n.] O Noun equipment, decoration, jewel, ornament, trappings
orno, ornas, ornare A, ornavi, ornatum Verb adorn, decorate
os, ossis [n.] M Noun bone, (implement, gnawed, dead), kernel (nut), he…
osculum, osculi [n.] O Noun kiss
ostendo, ostendis, ostendere C, ostendi, ostentum Verb exhibit, show, display
ostiarius, ostiarii [m.] O Noun doorkeeper
ostium, ostii [n.] O Noun doorway, door, starting gate, entrance (underworl…
ovis, ovis [f.] M Noun sheep
ovum, ovi [n.] O Noun egg, oval
palpito, palpitas, palpitare A, palpitavi, palpitatum Verb throb, beat, pulsate
panis, panis [m.] M Noun bread, loaf
pareo, pares, parere E, parui, paritum Verb obey, be subject/obedient to, submit/yield/comply…
pars, partis [f.] I Noun part
passus, passus [m.] U Noun step, pace, [mille passus -> mile, duo milia pass…
pastor, pastoris [m.] C Noun shepherd, herdsman
patria, patriae [f.] A Noun Home, Homeland, Country
pectus, pectoris [n.] C Noun breast, heart
pecunia, pecuniae [f.] A Noun money
pecuniosus/pecuniosa/pecuniosum, AO Adjective rich, wealthy, profitable
pedes, peditis [m.] C Noun foot soldier, infantryman, pedestrian, who goes o…
peristylum, peristyli [n.] O Noun inner courtyard lined with rows of columns, peris…
perterreo, perterres, perterrere E, perterrui, perterritum Verb frighten greatly, terrify
perterritus/perterrita/perterritum, AO Adjective very frightened, thoroughly frightened, completel…
pes, pedis [m.] C Noun foot
petasus, petasi [m.] O Noun hat, broadbrimmed hat (worn by travelers), conica…
Petio, Petis, Petire I, Petivi, Petitum Verb go, attack, ask for
pila, pilae [f.] A Noun ball (play/decorative), sphere, mortar, vessel in…
pilum, pili [n.] O Noun javelin, heavy iron-tipped throwing spear, pike
pirum, piri [n.] O Noun pear
plenus/plena/plenum, AO Adjective full (of), full, abundant, generous
ploro, ploras, plorare A, ploravi, ploratum Verb cry over, cry aloud, lament, weep, deplore
poculum, poculi [n.] O Noun cup, bowl, drinking vessel, drink/draught, social…
pono, ponis, ponere C, posui, positum Verb put, place, set, to put
pons, ponae [f.] A Noun rider, knight, cavalryman
porto, portas, portare A, portavi, portatum Verb Carry, bring
pretium, pretii [n.] O Noun price, value, wage, salary
probus/proba/probum, AO Adjective good, honest
pugno, pugnas, pugnare A, pugnavi, pugnatum Verb fight, battle
pugnus, pugni [m.] O Noun fist
pulcher/pulchra/pulchrum, AO Adjective beautiful, pretty
pullus, pulli [m.] O Noun chicken, young hen
pulmo, pulmonis [m.] C Noun lungs (sg. or pl.), [~ marinus => lung-like marin…
pulso, pulsas, pulsare A, pulsavi, pulsatum Verb beat, pulsate
puto, putas, putare A, putavi, putatum Verb think, clean, trim, reckon, suppose, judge, think…
quaero, quaeris, quaerere C, quaesivi, quaesitum Verb search, research, ask
Quartus/Quarta/Quartum, AO Adjective Fourth
ramus, rami [m.] O Noun branch, bough
relinquo, relinquis, relinquere C, reliqui, relictum Verb leave behind, leave, abandon, desert
respondeo, respondes, respondere E, respondi, responsum Verb respond, answer
revenio, revenis, revenire I, reveni, reventum Verb come back, return
rideo, rides, ridere E, risi, risum Verb laugh
rivus, rivi [m.] O Noun stream
rosa, rosae [f.] A Noun rose
ruber/rubra/rubrum, AO Adjective red, ruddy, painted red, [Rubrum Mare => Red Sea,…
rudus, ruderis [n.] C Noun lump, rough piece, piece of bronze
sacculus, sacculi [m.] O Noun little bag (as a filter for wine), purse, sachet …
saccus, sacci [m.] O Noun sack, bag, wallet
sagitta, sagittae [f.] A Noun arrow
saluto, salutas, salutare A, salutavi, salutatum Verb greet, wish well, visit, hail, salute
sano, sanas, sanare A, sanavi, sanatum Verb cure, heal, correct, quiet
sanguis, sanguinis [m.] C Noun blood
sanus/sana/sanum, AO Adjective healthy, reasonable
scaena, scaenae [f.] A Noun theater stage, "boards", scene, theater, public s…
scutum, scuti [n.] O Noun shield
sedeo, sedes, sedere E, sedi, sessum Verb sit
sentio, sentis, sentire I, sensi, sensum Verb feel, perceive, think, experience
sestertius, sestertii [m.] O Noun sesterce, [semis-tertius => 2 1/2 assses, small s…
silva, silvae [f.] A Noun forest
sol, solis [m.] C Noun sun
solus/sola/solum, AO Adjective alone, only, the only
soror, sororis [f.] C Noun sister, nun
specto, spectas, spectare A, spectavi, spectatum Verb watch, look
speculum, speculi [n.] O Noun mirror
sto, stas, stare A, steti, statum Verb stand, stand still, stand firm, remain, rest
stultus/stulta/stultum, AO Adjective foolish, stupid
sumo, sumis, sumere C, sumpsi, sumptum Verb take
taberna, tabernae [f.] A Noun tavern, inn, wood hut/cottage, shed/hovel, stall/…
tabernarius, tabernarii [m.] O Noun keeper of a taberna, shopkeeper, tradesman
taceo, taces, tacere E, tacui, tacitum Verb be silent, leave unmentioned
tango, tangis, tangere C, tetigi, tactum Verb touch, strike, border on, influence, mention
teneo, tenes, tenere E, tenui, tentum Verb (1.) to hold, to come (2.) hold (3.) to hold, to …
tenuis/tenue, tenuis M Adjective thin, fine, delicate, slight, slender, little, un…
tergeo, terges, tergere E, tersi, tersum Verb rub, wipe, wipe off, wipe dry, clean, cleanse
terra, terrae [f.] A Noun land, earth
timeo, times, timere E, timui, - Verb be scared of, fear, dread, be afraid (ne + SUB = …
timor, timoris [m.] C Noun anxiety, fear
tristis/triste, tristis M Adjective sad, sorrowful, joyless, grim, severe
ululo, ululas, ululare A, ululavi, ululatum Verb howl, yell, shriek, celebrate or proclaim with ho…
umbra, umbrae [f.] A Noun (1.) shade, ghost, shadow (2.) shade, shadow (3.)…
umerus, umeri [m.] O Noun upper arm, shoulder
vacuus/vacua/vacuum, AO Adjective empty, vacant, unoccupied, devoid of, free of
valles, vallis [f.] M Noun valley, vale, hollow
vallum, valli [n.] O Noun wall, rampart, entrenchment, line of palisades, s…
veho, vehis, vehere C, vexi, vectum Verb bear, carry, convey, pass, ride, sail
vena, venae [f.] A Noun blood-vessel, vein, artery, pulse, fissure, pore,…
vendo, vendis, vendere C, vendidi, venditum Verb sell
venio, venis, venire I, veni, ventum Verb come
venter, ventris [m.] M Noun stomach, womb, belly
verbero, verberas, verberare A, verberavi, verberatum Verb beat, strike, lash
verbum, verbi [n.] O Noun word
verto, vertis, vertere C, verti, versum Verb turn, change, advert
vester/vestra/vestrum, AO Adjective your (pl.), of/belonging to/associated with you
vestigium, vestigii [n.] O Noun step, track, trace, footstep
via, viae [f.] A Noun street, road, Road
video, vides, videre E, vidi, visum Verb see
villa, villae [f.] A Noun house, mansion
viscer, visceris [n.] C Noun entrails, innermost part of the body, heart, vita…
vivus/viva/vivum, AO Adjective alive, living
voco, vocas, vocare A, vocavi, vocatum Verb shout, call
volo, volas, volare A, volavi, volatum Verb fly, wish, want
vox, vocis [f.] C Noun voice, voice, sound, word, cry
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