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Vocable Translation
accipio, accipis, accipere M, accepi, acceptum Verb accept, take, receive
cena, cenae [f.] A Noun food, meal, dinner
deinde Conjunction then, then/next/afterward, thereon/henceforth/fro…
dico, dicis, dicere C, dixi, dictum Verb say, call, tell
dum Conjunction during, as long as, until, while
imperium, imperii [n.] O Noun Empire, Authority
incipio, incipis, incipere M, incepi, inceptum Verb start
itaque Conjunction because of, therefore, and so, accordingly, thus,…
navigium, navigii [n.] O Noun vessel, ship
novus/nova/novum, AO Adjective new
perpetuus/perpetua/perpetuum, AO Adjective perpetual, lasting, uninterrupted, continuous
poema, poematis [n.] C Noun poem, composition in verse, poetic piece (even no…
socius, socii [m.] O Noun companion
spargo, spargis, spargere C, sparsi, sparsum Verb scatter, strew, sprinkle, spot
tango, tangis, tangere C, tetigi, tactum Verb touch, strike, border on, influence, mention
tutus/tuta/tutum, AO Adjective safe, prudent, secure, protected
ventus, venti [m.] O Noun wind

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