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Vocable Translation
aedificium, aedificii [n.] O Noun building, house
aegrotus/aegrota/aegrotum, AO Adjective sick, diseased, love-sick, pining
ante Preposition (1.) before, in front of (2.) before, previously,…
bellum, belli [n.] O Noun (1.) war, warfare (2.) war (3.) war, warfare
caput, capitis [n.] C Noun head, leader, beginning, life, heading, chapter
curia, curiae [f.] A Noun city hall, meeting house, curia/division of Roman…
dico, dicis, dicere C, dixi, dictum Verb say, call, tell
dictor, dictoris [m.] C Noun speaker, orator
disputo, disputas, disputare A, disputavi, disputatum Verb discuss, debate, argue
diu Adverb long (time), for a long time
dum Conjunction (1.) during, as long as, until, while (2.) while,…
forum, fori [n.] O Noun marketplace
ignosco, ignoscis, ignoscere C, ignovi, ignotum Verb grant pardon, forgive
imperium, imperii [n.] O Noun Empire, Authority, order, command
iratus/irata/iratum, AO Adjective furious, angry, mad
lex, legis [f.] C Noun (1.) law, rule (2.) law, statute, motion, bill, p…
officium, officii [n.] O Noun duty, service
pater, patris [m.] C Noun father
pax, pacis [f.] C Noun peace
plenus/plena/plenum, AO Adjective full (of), full, abundant, generous
quam Pronoun (1.) like, how, how much, as, than, [quam + super…
quamquam Conjunction though, although, yet, nevertheless, also
quod Conjunction because (of), with respect to which
quoque Conjunction (1.) also, too (put after), Also, As well as (2.)…
senator, senatoris [m.] C Noun senator
sententia, sententiae [f.] A Noun feeling, thought, opinion, vote, sentence
templum, templi [n.] O Noun temple
vale! valete! Phrase goodbye, good luck, goodbye! bye everyone!, Goodb…
vox, vocis [f.] C Noun voice, voice, sound, word, cry
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