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Vocable Translation
campus, campi [m.] O Noun field, place, plain
cupio, cupis, cupere M, cupivi, cupitum Verb desire, wish, long for
discedo, discedis, discedere C, discessi, discessum Verb go away, depart
ergo Phrase therefore
interficio, interficis, interficere M, interfeci, interfectum Verb (1.) kill, murder, destroy, put and end to (2.) o…
ira, irae [f.] A Noun anger, wrath, rage
locus, loci [m.] O Noun place, location
miser/misera/miserum, AO Adjective poor, miserable, wretched, unfortunate, unhappy, …
premo, premis, premere C, pressi, pressum Verb push, beset, oppress
reliquus/reliqua/reliquum, AO Adjective remaining, left over
rumpo, rumpis, rumpere C, rupi, ruptum Verb break, destroy
somnus, somni [m.] O Noun sleep
supero, superas, superare A, superavi, superatum Verb beat, defeat, exceed, overcome, conquer, surpass
tandem Adverb finally, eventually, at last, after all, Finally,…
tardus/tarda/tardum, AO Adjective slow, limping, deliberate, late
traho, trahis, trahere C, traxi, tractum Verb draw, drag, derive, assume, acquire, influence, c…
valeo, vales, valere E, valui, valiturum Verb (1.) be strong, have power (2.) be well
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