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Inherent to Cursus Continuus

Vocable Translation
accedo, accedis, accedere C, accessi, accessum Verb come, approach
ad Preposition to, toward, near, at, in
aedificium, aedificii [n.] O Noun building, house
ambulo, ambulas, ambulare A, ambulavi, ambulatum Verb go, walk
circus, circi [m.] O Noun race course, circus in Rome, celebration of games…
clamor, clamoris [m.] C Noun shout, outcry/protest, loud shouting (approval/jo…
curro, curris, currere C, cucurri, cursum Verb run, rush, move quickly
delibero, deliberas, deliberare A, deliberavi, deliberatum Verb weigh/consider/deliberate/consult (oracle), ponde…
domina, dominae [f.] A Noun mistress, lady
dominus, domini [m.] O Noun mister, gentleman, lord
dono, donas, donare A, donavi, donatum Verb bestow, donate
donum, doni [n.] O Noun gift, present
habeo, habes, habere E, habui, habitum Verb have
hora, horae [f.] A Noun hour
in+Abl. Preposition in, on
inter (+ acc.) Preposition between, among, amid
italia, italiae [f.] A Noun Italy
laudo, laudas, laudare A, laudavi, laudatum Verb praise, commend
mercator, mercatoris [m.] C Noun trader, merchant
nego, negas, negare A, negavi, negatum Verb deny, say that...not
noli Phrase Do not
per Preposition through, by
posco, poscis, poscere C, poposci, - Verb ask, demand
quantus/quanta/quantum, AO Adjective how large, how great, how much
saepe Adverb often
sed Conjunction but
sustineo, sustines, sustinere E, sustinui, sustinitum Verb bear, withstand, tolerate
tantus/tanta/tantum, AO Adjective so large, so great, of such a size
unus/una/unum, AO Adjective one
vicus, vici [m.] O Noun village, hamlet, street, row of houses
vinum, vini [n.] O Noun wine
Vita Aucturis, Aucturisae [f.] A Noun life

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