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Vocable Translation
a, ab+Abl. Preposition by, of, from
ad+Acc. Preposition to, toward
ambulo, ambulas, ambulare A, ambulavi, ambulatum Verb go, walk
e, ex+Abl. Preposition out of, from
erro, erras, errare A, erravi, erratum Verb wander, err, go astray, be mistaken
facile Adverb easily
factum, facti [n.] O Noun deed, act, achievement
festino, festinas, festinare A, festinavi, festinatum Verb hasten, hurry
in+Abl. Preposition in, on
in+Acc. Preposition into, onto, against
navigo, navigas, navigare A, navigavi, navigatum Verb sail, navigate
non Adverb (1.) not (2.) no, not (3.) no, not (4.) not (5.) …
oculus, oculi [m.] O Noun eye
post+Acc. Preposition after, behind, later, afterwards
pro+Abl. Preposition in front of, for, in the name of, instead of, on …
saepe Adverb often
saxum, saxi [n.] O Noun rock, stone
sedeo, sedes, sedere E, sedi, sessum Verb sit
semper Adverb always, Always
tandem Adverb finally, eventually, at last, after all, Finally,…
trans+Acc. Preposition over, away from, across, beyond
tum Adverb then, at that time
verbum, verbi [n.] O Noun word
via, viae [f.] A Noun street, road, Road
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