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Vocable Translation
amicus, amici [m.] O Noun friend (m.)
doceo, doces, docere E, docui, doctum Verb teach
gaudeo, gaudes, gaudere E, -, gavisum Verb delight, be glad, rejoice (Semidep.), rejoice, ta…
iam Adverb already, now
non iam Phrase no more, not any longer
numquam Adverb never
praebeo, praebes, praebere E, praebui, praebitum Verb offer, provide
primo Adverb at first, in the first place, at the beginning
rectus/recta/rectum, AO Adjective right, proper, straight, honest
saepe Adverb often
studeo, studes, studere E, studui, - Verb direct one's zeal, be eager for, study
tabula, tabulae [f.] A Noun writing tablet (wax covered board), records (pl.)…
teneo, tenes, tenere E, tenui, tentum Verb (1.) to hold, to come (2.) hold (3.) to hold, to …
tum Adverb then, at that time
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