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Inherent to Vocabula Linguae Latinae

Vocable Translation
ancilla, ancillae [f.] A Noun maid
antiquus/antiqua/antiquum, AO Adjective old/ancient/aged, time-honored, simple/classic, v…
capitulum, capituli [n.] O Noun chapter/article (in book), religious/cathedral ch…
ceterus/cetera/ceterum, AO Adjective remaining, rest
cuius Pronoun Whose
domina, dominae [f.] A Noun mistress, lady
dominus, domini [m.] O Noun mister, gentleman, lord
familia, familiae [f.] A Noun family
femina, feminae [f.] A Noun woman
femininus/feminina/femininum, AO Adjective woman's, female, feminine, proper to/typical of a…
filia, filiae [f.] A Noun daughter
filius, filii [m.] O Noun son
genetivus/genetiva/genetivum, AO Adjective acquired at birth
liber, libri [m.] O Noun book, volume, inner bark of a tree
liberus, liberi [m.] O Noun child
masculinus/masculina/masculinum, AO Adjective masculine, of the male sex, of masculine gender (…
neutrus/neutra/neutrum, AO Adjective not either, neither
novus/nova/novum, AO Adjective new, fresh, young, unusual, extraordinary, (novae…
pagina, paginae [f.] A Noun page, sheet
puella, puellae [f.] A Noun girl
puer, pueri [m.] O Noun boy, children (plural)
quis Pronoun ?whoo.
quot Particle how many?
servus, servi [m.] O Noun slave, servant
titulus, tituli [m.] O Noun title (person/book), label, heading, placard/tabl…
vir, viri [m.] O Noun man, hero, husband
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