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Inherent to Arcus

Vocable Translation
amor, amoris [m.] C Noun love, amorous, enamored
ars, artis [f.] M Noun art, skill
certus/certa/certum, AO Adjective definite, sure, certain, reliable
ceterus/cetera/ceterum, AO Adjective remaining, rest
cogo, cogis, cogere C, coegi, coactum Verb force, gather
consto, constas, constare A, constiti, constatum Verb agree, correspond, fit, be correct, be dependent,…
cunctus/cuncta/cunctum, AO Adjective altogether (usu. pl.), in a body, every, all, ent…
cupido, cupidinis [f.] C Noun desire, passion
desero, deseris, deserere C, deserui, desertum Verb leave, depart, quit, desert, forsake, abandon, gi…
doleo, doles, dolere E, dolui, dolitum Verb hurt, feel/suffer pain, grieve, be afflicted/pain…
fallo, fallis, fallere C, fefelli, falsum Verb deceive, slip by, disappoint, be mistaken, beguil…
frango, frangis, frangere C, fregi, fractum Verb break, shatter, crush, dishearten, subdue, weaken…
frustra Adverb in vain, for nothing, to no purpose
gero, geris, gerere C, gessi, gestum Verb carry, carry on, manage, conduct, accomplish, per…
iacio, iacis, iacere M, ieci, iactum Verb throw, cast, hurl, lay, scatter, diffuse
liceo, lices, licere E, licui, - Verb fetch (price)
litus, litoris [n.] C Noun coast, shore
mora, morae [f.] A Noun delay
nasus, nasi [m.] O Noun nose
nonne Other no?, not?
obliviscor, oblivisceris, oblivisci C, oblitus sum (Dep.) Verb forget
offendo, offendis, offendere C, offendi, offensum Verb offend, give offense (to), displease, annoy, vex,…
oporteo, oportes, oportere E, oportui, oportuitum Verb it is right, one should, it is necessary
peregrinus/peregrina/peregrinum, AO Adjective foreign, strange, alien, exotic
philosophus, philosophi [m.] O Noun philosopher
pietas, pietatis [f.] C Noun piety, devotion
prex, precis [f.] C Noun prayer, request
programmo, programmas, programmare A, programmavi, programmatum Verb program (data processing)
tamen Conjunction nevertheless, however, still, despite
tantum Adverb so much, so far, hardly, only
tardus/tarda/tardum, AO Adjective slow, limping, deliberate, late
utinam Other if only, would that
valetudo, valetudinis [f.] C Noun good health, soundness, condition of body/health,…

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