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Vocable Translation
accedo, accedis, accedere C, accessi, accessum Verb come, approach, approach to, go against, get in, …
animus, animi [m.] O Noun sense, mind, bravery, soul, spirit, courage, heart
ater/atra/atrum, AO Adjective black, dark, dark-colored (hair/skin), gloomy/mur…
caelum, caeli [n.] O Noun heaven, sky
classis, classis [f.] C Noun class, order, sort, kind
cognosco, cognoscis, cognoscere C, cognovi, cognitum Verb become acquainted with, learn, recognize, (in per…
familiaris/familiare, familiaris M Adjective domestic, of family, intimate, [familiaris res =>…
fors, fortis [f.] M Noun chance, luck, fortune, accident
fortuna, fortunae [f.] A Noun luck, fortune, destiny
iubeo, iubes, iubere E, iussi, iussum Verb command, order, require
litus, litoris [n.] C Noun coast, shore
navis, navis [f.] M Noun boat, ship
nobilis/nobile, nobilis M Adjective noble, well born, aristocratic, outstanding (in r…
omnis/omne, omnis M Adjective every, everyone, everybody, complete
opportunus/opportuna/opportunum, AO Adjective suitable, advantageous, useful, fit, favorable/op…
Petio, Petis, Petire I, Petivi, Petitum Verb go, attack, ask for
quiesco, quiescis, quiescere C, quievi, quietum Verb rest, keep quiet/calm, be at peace/rest, be inact…
rego, regis, regere C, rexi, rectum Verb rule
Senex Adverb later, after
similis/simile, similis M Adjective similar
studeo, studes, studere E, studui, - Verb direct one's zeal, be eager for, study
studium, studii [n.] O Noun zeal, enthusiasm, excitement, study
super Preposition above, about, on top, over, upwards, moreover, in…
terra, terrae [f.] A Noun land, earth
tristis/triste, tristis M Adjective sad, sorrowful, joyless, grim, severe
turpis/turpe, turpis M Adjective ugly, shameful, base, disgraceful
vivo, vivis, vivere C, vixi, - Verb live
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