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Inherent to Cursus Continuus

Vocable Translation
addo, addis, addere C, addidi, additum Verb add, insert, bring/attach to, say in addition,...
aetas, aetatis [f.] C Noun period of life, life, age, an age, time
bellum gerere Phrase not yet translated :(
desidero, desideras, desiderare A, desideravi, desideratum Verb desire, long for, miss
dictum, dicti [n.] O Noun words/utterance/remark, one's word/promise,...
disciplina, disciplinae [f.] A Noun teaching, instruction, education, training,...
exemplum, exempli [n.] O Noun example
existimo, existimas, existimare A, existimavi, existimatum Verb value, esteem, form, hold opinion/view, think,...
expello, expellis, expellere C, expuli, expulsum Verb drive out, expel, banish, disown, reject
factum, facti [n.] O Noun deed, act, achievement
gero, geris, gerere C, gessi, gestum Verb carry, carry on, manage, conduct, accomplish, perform
haereo, haeres, haerere E, haesi, haesum Verb stick, adhere, cling to, hesitate, be in...
immo Adverb no indeed (contradiction), on the contrary,...
inspicio, inspicis, inspicere M, inspexi, inspectum Verb examine, inspect, consider, look into/at, observe
iucundus/iucunda/iucundum, AO Adjective pleasant, delightful, agreeable, pleasing
peregrinus, peregrini [m.] O Noun pilgrim
plerumque Adverb most of the time
popularis/populare, popularis M Adjective of the people, popular
potius Adverb rather, more, preferably
praesertim cum Phrase not yet translated :(
propterea quod Phrase because
quae cum tia sint, quae cum tia fuerint Phrase not yet translated :(
quia Conjunction because, that
res publica Phrase Pertaining to the state or public
suspicio, suspicis, suspicere M, suspexi, suspectum Verb look up to, admire
terra, terrae [f.] A Noun land, earth
verisimilis/verisimile, verisimilis M Adjective having appearance of truth
vero Conjunction but
veto, vetas, vetare A, vetavi, vetatum Verb forbid, prohibit, reject, veto, be an obstacle...

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