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Vocable Translation
arcesso, arcessis, arcessere C, arcessivi, arcessitum Verb send for, summon, indict, fetch, import, invite, …
communis/commune, communis M Adjective common, general, of the community, for the commun…
credo, credis, credere C, creddidi, credditum Verb believe, trust
et ... et ka na do sis Phrase both ... and ..., ... as well as ...
fortuna, fortunae [f.] A Noun luck, fortune, destiny
gloria, gloriae [f.] A Noun glory, fame, honor
hostis, hostis [m.] M Noun enemy
inanis/inane, inanis M Adjective void, empty, hollow, vain, inane, foolish
merx, mercis [f.] M Noun commodity, merchandise (pl.), goods
occupo, occupas, occupare A, occupavi, occupatum Verb seize
quemadmodum Adverb in what way, how, as, just as, to the extent that
tutus/tuta/tutum, AO Adjective safe, prudent, secure, protected
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