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Date Conversion

a.d. XVI Kalendae Augustus (Sextilis) MMXIX
Tue, July 16., 2019

The date 2019-07-16 of our modern calendar would be represented as ante diem sextum decimum Kalendae Augustus (Sextilis) MMXIX in the (Julian) Roman calendar.

Julius (Qunitilis)
    Julius (Qunitilis)
    Days until Nonae ("ante diem Nonae") 7
    Julius (Qunitilis)
    Days until Ides ("ante diem Ides") 15
    Julius (Qunitilis)
    Days until Kalendae ("ante diem Kalendae") 1
    Augustus (Sextilis)
    Numeral Conversion

    XVI 16

    The Roman number XVI is equivalent to the arabic number 16.

    Numeral Conversion

    VII 7

    The Roman number VII is equivalent to the arabic number 7.

    Numeral Conversion

    MMXIX 2019

    The Roman number MMXIX is equivalent to the arabic number 2019.

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