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Inherent to Arcus

Vocable Translation
afficio, afficis, afficere M, affeci, affectum Verb manage, influence, make
aro, aras, arare A, aravi, aratum Verb plow, till, cultivate, produce by plowing,...
beneficium, beneficii [n.] O Noun boon, benefit
caveo, caves, cavere E, cavi, cautum Verb beware, avoid, take precautions/defensive...
ceterus/cetera/ceterum, AO Adjective remaining, rest
claudo, claudis, claudere C, clausi, claudsum Verb shut, close
contingo, contingis, contingere C, contigi, contactum Verb happen, befall, turn out, come to pass, be...
cresco, crescis, crescere C, crevi, cretum Verb increase, come forth/to be, arise/spring...
cubo, cubas, cubare A, cubui, cubitum Verb lie (down/asleep), recline, incline, lie, be...
familia, familiae [f.] A Noun family
fatum, fati [n.] O Noun fate, death
fortis/forte, fortis M Adjective strong, brave
funus, funeris [n.] C Noun burial, funeral, funeral rites, ruin, corpse, death
hospes, hospitis [m.] C Noun guest
idoneus/idonea/idoneum, AO Adjective suitable, fit, appropriate
iniuria, iniuriae [f.] A Noun injustice
iratus/irata/iratum, AO Adjective furious, angry, mad
libertas, libertatis [f.] C Noun freedom
mollis/molle, mollis M Adjective soft (cushion/grass),...
ne Other not, (intro clause of purpose with subj verb),...
opprimo, opprimis, opprimere C, oppressi, oppressum Verb suppress, overwhelm, overpower, check
opto, optas, optare A, optavi, optatum Verb choose, select, wish, wish for, desire
perdo, perdis, perdere C, perdidi, perditum Verb ruin, destroy, lose, waste
pingo, pingis, pingere C, pinxi, pictum Verb paint, tint, color, adorn/decorate w/colored...
provideo, provides, providere E, providi, provisum Verb foresee, provide for, make provision, with DAT
quemadmodum Adverb in what way, how, as, just as, to the extent that
recito, recitas, recitare A, recitavi, recitatum Verb read (aloud), present
scelestus/scelesta/scelestum, AO Adjective infamous, wicked, accursed
sestertius, sestertii [m.] O Noun sesterce, [semis-tertius => 2 1/2 assses,...
si Conjunction if
studeo, studes, studere E, studui, - Verb direct one's zeal, be eager for, study
testamentum, testamenti [n.] O Noun will, testament, covenant
usus, usus [m.] U Noun use, benefit, advantage
ut Conjunction that, so that

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