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Inherent to Arcus

Vocable Translation
annus, anni [m.] O Noun year
caelum, caeli [n.] O Noun heaven, sky
careo, cares, carere E, carui, cariturusum Verb be without, be deprived of, want, lack; be free from
cedo, cedis, cedere C, cessi, cessum Verb run, go, pass (from/away), withdraw, retire....
centum Other 100, hundred
confirmo, confirmas, confirmare A, confirmavi, confirmatum Verb strengthen, develop, build up (w/troops), make...
consequus/consequa/consequum, AO Adjective following
cupidus/cupida/cupidum, AO Adjective eager, passionate, longing for, desirous of...
Decimus, Decimi [m.] O Noun Decimus (Roman praenomen), (abb. D.)
discedo, discedis, discedere C, discessi, discessum Verb go away, depart
finio, finis, finire I, finivi, finitum Verb limit, end, finish, determine, define, mark...
imprimis Adverb in the first place, first, chiefly,...
inde Adverb hence, henceforth, from that place/time/cause,...
interea Adverb meanwhile, in between
lenis/lene, lenis M Adjective gentle, kind, light, smooth, mild, easy, calm
littera, litterae [f.] A Noun a letter of the alphabet, (plural) a letter, literature
litterae, litterarum [f.] A (Pl.) Noun science, letter (correspondence)
lux, lucis [f.] C Noun light
magnus/magna/magnum, AO Adjective big, great
moror, moraris, morari A, moratus sum (Dep.) Verb delay, stay, stay behind, devote attention to
mos, moris [m.] C Noun habit, custom, manner, (plural) habits, character
nascor, nasceris, nasci C, natus sum (Dep.) Verb be born; spring forth, arise
navigo, navigas, navigare A, navigavi, navigatum Verb sail, navigate
oppidum, oppidi [n.] O Noun town, city
orator, oratoris [m.] C Noun orator, speaker
pervenio, pervenis, pervenire I, perveni, perventum Verb come
plurimus/plurima/plurimum, AO Adjective most
posterus/postera/posterum, AO Adjective following
postridie Adverb on the following day
procedo, procedis, procedere C, processi, processum Verb proceed, advance, appear
proficisco, proficiscis, proficiscere C, profeci, profectum Verb leave, make move, go, travel
programmo, programmas, programmare A, programmavi, programmatum Verb program (data processing)
quamdiu Adverb for how long?, how long (ago)?, how long!,...
scio, scis, scire I, scivi, scitum Verb know
sequor, sequeris, sequi C, secutus sum (Dep.) Verb follow
Sextus, Sexti [m.] O Noun Sextus (Roman praenomen), (abb. Sex.)
simul Adverb simultaneously, at the same time
solvo, solvis, solvere C, solvi, solutum Verb to loosen, unbind, unfasten, unfetter, untie, release
tempestas, tempestatis [f.] C Noun period of time, season; weather, storm
vale! valete! Phrase goodbye, good luck
valeo, vales, valere E, valui, valiturum Verb be strong, have power; be well
viginti Other 20, twenty
vivo, vivis, vivere C, vixi, - Verb live

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