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Vocable Translation
ago, agis, agere C, egi, actum Verb (1.) drive, urge, conduct, act (2.) spend (time w…
ambulo, ambulas, ambulare A, ambulavi, ambulatum Verb go, walk
amicus, amici [m.] O Noun friend (m.)
audio, audis, audire I, audivi, auditum Verb hear, listen to, to Hear, to Listen
capio, capis, capere M, cepi, captum Verb catch
cena, cenae [f.] A Noun food, meal, dinner
circa Adverb around, all around, round about, near, in vicinit…
cogito, cogitas, cogitare A, cogitavi, cogitatum Verb think
cum Conjunction with, when, at the time/on each occasion/in the s…
cum + Indikativ Präs./Perf. Preposition when
curro, curris, currere C, cucurri, cursum Verb run, rush, move quickly
debeo, debes, debere E, debui, debitum Verb owe, ought, must
dies, diei [m.] E Noun (1.) Day (2.) day, Day, Diary (3.) Day
dormio, dormis, dormire I, dormivi, dormitum Verb sleep
epistula, epistulae [f.] A Noun letter
et ,ex terra Preposition soon, next (time/position), in/on (+abl.), into/o…
facio, facis, facere M, feci, factum Verb do, make, handle
Graecus/Graeca/Graecum, AO Adjective greek, Greek
hodie Adverb today, now, at the present, nowadays
hora, horae [f.] A Noun hour, time, season
in+Abl. Preposition in, on
interrogo, interrogas, interrogare A, interrogavi, interrogatum Verb ask, interview, interrogate
iterum Adverb again, however
Latinus/Latina/Latinum, AO Adjective latin
lego, legis, legere C, legi, lectum Verb read, choose, select, to steal, read, choose, rea…
liber, libri [m.] O Noun book, volume, inner bark of a tree, book, book
maneo, manes, manere E, mansi, mansum Verb stay, remain, waiting for (tr)
meridies, meridiei [m.] E Noun noon, midday, south
oratio, orationis [f.] C Noun speech
primus/prima/primum, AO Adjective first, foremost, chief, principal
projectus/projecta/projectum, AO Adjective jutting out, projecting, precipitate, abject, gro…
quando Adverb when (interog), at what time, at any time (indef …
Quintus, Quinti [m.] O Noun Quintus (Roman praenomen), God, Diety, Daddy
relinquo, relinquis, relinquere C, reliqui, relictum Verb leave behind, leave, abandon, desert
respondeo, respondes, respondere E, respondi, responsum Verb respond, answer
scribo, scribis, scribere C, scripsi, scriptum Verb write
sermo, sermonis [m.] C Noun conversation, talk
servus, servi [m.] O Noun slave, servant
vel Conjunction (1.) or, even, actually, or even, in deed (2.) or…
villa, villae [f.] A Noun house, mansion
voco, vocas, vocare A, vocavi, vocatum Verb shout, call
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