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Vocable Translation
accedo, accedis, accedere C, accessi, accessum Verb come, approach, approach to, go against, get in, …
appello, appellas, appellare A, appellavi, appellatum Verb call
cibus, cibi [m.] O Noun Food, Ration
consido, considis, considere C, considsedi, considsessum Verb sit down, sit
delecto, delectas, delectare A, delectavi, delectatum Verb please (sb.), delight (sb).
Difficilis/Difficilr, Difficilis M Adjective hard, difficult, troublesome
dimitto, dimittis, dimittere C, dimisi, dimissum Verb forgive, free, left down (in grace), send away, d…
domus, domus [f.] U Noun house, home (NB 3 special uses and endings: domi …
faveo, faves, favere E, favi, fautum Verb promote, favour, prefer
flamma, flammae [f.] A Noun flame
focus, foci [m.] O Noun hearth, fireplace, altar, home, household, family…
fundo, fundis, fundere C, fudi, fusum Verb pour, cast (metals), scatter, shed, rout
gratia, gratiae [f.] A Noun thanks
item Adverb (1.) likewise, besides, also, similarly (2.) also…
libens, libentis M Adjective willing, cheerful, glad, pleased
libero, liberas, liberare A, liberavi, liberatum Verb (1.) to liberate, to free (2.) free, liberate (3.…
narro, narras, narrare A, narravi, narratum Verb tell
postremo Adverb eventually, finally
quaeso, quaesis, quaesere C, -, - Verb beg, ask, ask for, seek
spargo, spargis, spargere C, sparsi, sparsum Verb scatter, strew, sprinkle, spot
stultus/stulta/stultum, AO Adjective foolish, stupid
verus/vera/verum, AO Adjective true, real, proper
vinum, vini [n.] O Noun wine
votum, voti [n.] O Noun vow, pledge, religious undertaking/promise, praye…
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