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Vocable Translation
Ad huc Adverb here, to this place, to this point
aedifico, aedificas, aedificare A, aedificavi, aedificatum Verb to build, construct
Bene Adverb well
casus, casus [m.] U Noun case
circumdo, circumdas, circumdare A, circumdedi, circumdatum Verb surround, envelop, post/put/place/build around, e…
conservo, conservas, conservare A, conservavi, conservatum Verb preserve, conserve, maintain, save
consuesco, consuescis, consuescere C, consuevi, consuetum Verb accustom oneself, become/be accustomed/used, inur…
divinus/divina/divinum, AO Adjective divine, of a deity/god, godlike, sacred, divinely…
frustra Adverb in vain, for nothing, to no purpose
immolo, immolas, immolare A, immolavi, immolatum Verb sacrifice
instituo, instituis, instituere C, institui, institutum Verb build, establish
invito, invitas, invitare A, invitavi, invitatum Verb entertain, invite, summon
iuro, iuras, iurare A, iuravi, iuratum Verb swear
legatus, legati [m.] O Noun legate, envoy, ambassador, commander, lieutenant
nego, negas, negare A, negavi, negatum Verb deny, say that...not, to deny, say that... not
nosco, noscis, noscere C, novi, notum Verb get to know, learn, find out, become cognizant of…
odio, odis, odire I, odivi, - Verb hate, dislike, be disinclined/reluctant/adverse to
pars, partis [f.] I Noun part
postulo, postulas, postulare A, postulavi, postulatum Verb demand, claim, require
princeps, principis [m.] C Noun the first, emperor, chief, chieftain
senator, senatoris [m.] C Noun senator
senatus, senatus [m.] U Noun senate
simul Adverb (1.) simultaneously, at the same time (2.) at the…
super Preposition above, about, on top, over, upwards, moreover, in…
trado, tradis, tradere C, tradidi, traditum Verb hand over, surrender, deliver, bequeath, relate
usque ad Adverb up to
vel Conjunction (1.) or, even, actually, or even, in deed (2.) or…
venenum, veneni [n.] O Noun poison, drug
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