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Inherent to Prima Nova

Vocable Translation
canto, cantas, cantare A, cantavi, cantatum Verb sing, play (roles/music), recite, praise, celebra…
diligens, diligentis M Adjective thorough, careful, diligent
dives, divitis M Adjective rich/wealthy, costly, fertile/productive (land), …
hercle Interjection By Hercules!, assuredly, indeed
hic, haec, hoc Demonstrative Pronoun this, that
idoneus/idonea/idoneum, AO Adjective suitable, fit, appropriate
impono, imponis, imponere C, imposui, impositum Verb impose, put upon, establish, inflict, assign/plac…
laus, laudis [f.] C Noun praise, glory, fame
libertinus, libertini [m.] O Noun freedman
luhi, luhis [n.] U Noun cat
mollis/molle, mollis M Adjective soft (cushion/grass), flexible/supple/loose/plian…
nimium Adverb too, too much, very, very much, beyond measure, e…
nondum Adverb not yet
os, oris [n.] C Noun mouth, face
rarus/rara/rarum, AO Adjective thin, scattered, few, infrequent, rare, in small …
singulus/singula/singulum, AO Adjective every single one
tego, tegis, tegere C, texi, tectum Verb cover
unde Adverb wherefrom, whence, since

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