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Inherent to Prima Nova

Vocable Translation
agito, agitas, agitare A, agitavi, agitatum Verb stir/drive/shake/move about, revolve, live,...
arx, arcis [f.] M Noun castle, fortress
audacia, audaciae [f.] A Noun boldness, daring, courage, confidence,...
beatus/beata/beatum, AO Adjective happy, sacred, holy
bonum, boni [n.] O Noun good, good thing, profit, advantage, goods...
consumo, consumis, consumere C, consumpsi, consumptum Verb destroy, consume
contingo, contingis, contingere C, contigi, contactum Verb happen, befall, turn out, come to pass, be...
cursus, cursus [m.] U Noun running, race, course
epistula, epistulae [f.] A Noun letter
iacio, iacis, iacere M, ieci, iactum Verb throw, cast, hurl, lay, scatter, diffuse
ipse, ipsa, ipsum Demonstrative Pronoun him/her/its-self
lectus, lecti [m.] O Noun bed, couch, lounge, sofa, bridal bed
metuo, metuis, metuere C, metui, - Verb fear, dread
nubo, nubis, nubere C, nupsi, nuptum Verb cover, veil; (with dat.) to be married to, marry
nullus/nulla/nullum, AO Adjective not any, no, none
ops, opis [f.] C Noun help, aid, (plural) power, resources, wealth
opus est Phrase there is need of, we need
perdo, perdis, perdere C, perdidi, perditum Verb ruin, destroy, lose, waste
perpetuus/perpetua/perpetuum, AO Adjective perpetual, lasting, uninterrupted, continuous
premo, premis, premere C, pressi, pressum Verb push, beset, oppress
solacium, solacii [n.] O Noun comfort, relief
suscipio, suscipis, suscipere M, suscepi, susceptum Verb undertake, take on
sustineo, sustines, sustinere E, sustinui, sustinitum Verb bear, withstand, tolerate
tectum, tecti [n.] O Noun roof, ceiling, house
timor, timoris [m.] C Noun anxiety, fear
vigilia, vigiliae [f.] A Noun watch (fourth part of the night), vigil, wakefulness
vix Adverb hardly, barely

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