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Inherent to Artes Latein-Grundkurs

Vocable Translation
a Preposition from
ab Preposition from
aedificium, aedificii [n.] O Noun building, house
animus, animi [m.] O Noun sense, mind, bravery
appareo, appares, apparere E, apparui, apparum Verb not yet translated :(
clarus/clara/clarum, AO Adjective famous, popular, bright
cum Preposition with
de Preposition from, over
delecto, delectas, delectare A, delectavi, delectatum Verb please (sb.), delight (sb).
dum Adverb during, as long as, until, while
e Preposition out of, from
ex Preposition out of, from
exerceo, exerces, exercere E, exercui, exercitum Verb train, discipline, drill
gaudeo, gaudes, gaudere E, gaudui, gauditum Verb delight, be glad, rejoice (Semidep.)
gaudium, gaudii [n.] O Noun happiness, joy
in Preposition in, on (where?)
intro, intras, intrare A, intravi, intratum Verb enter, go
laudo, laudas, laudare A, laudavi, laudatum Verb praise, commend
locus, loci [m.] O Noun place, location
magnus/magna/magnum, AO Adjective big, great
medicus, medici [m.] O Noun doctor
otium, otii [n.] O Noun leisure, rest, recovery
placeo, places, placere E, placui, placitum Verb please, oblidge
prae Preposition before
pro Preposition in front of, for; in the name of, instead of
publicus/publica/publicum, AO Adjective public
quam Pronoun like, how
Romana, Romanae [f.] A Noun Roman (f.)
Romanus, Romani [m.] O Noun Roman
saluto, salutas, salutare A, salutavi, salutatum Verb greet, wish well, visit, hail, salute
sine Preposition without
specto, spectas, spectare A, spectavi, spectatum Verb watch, look, observe
statua, statuae [f.] A Noun statue

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