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Inherent to Prima B

Vocable Translation
ac (=atque) Conjunction and, and also, and even, as
adicio, adicis, adicere M, adjeci, adjectum Verb add, increase, raise, add to (DAT/ad+ACC),...
aliter Adverb otherwise, differently, in any other way...
antea Adverb before, before this, formerly, previously, in the past
cingo, cingis, cingere C, cinxi, cinctum Verb surround, encircle, ring, enclose, beleaguer,...
civitas, civitatis [f.] C Noun state, citizenship
confirmo, confirmas, confirmare A, confirmavi, confirmatum Verb strengthen, develop, build up (w/troops), make...
flecto, flectis, flectere C, flexi, flexum Verb bend, curve, bow, turn, curl, persuade,...
hic, haec, hoc Demonstrative Pronoun this, that
Intellego, Intellegis, Intellegere C, Intellexi, Intellectum Verb understand
intus Adverb within, on the inside, inside, at home
iucundus/iucunda/iucundum, AO Adjective pleasant, delightful, agreeable, pleasing
legatio, legatonis [f.] C Noun embassy, ambassador, legation, deputy command
legatus, legati [m.] O Noun Envoy, Lieutenant, Commander
libens, libentis M Adjective willing, cheerful, glad, pleased
oraculum, oraculi [n.] O Noun oracle
quando Adverb when (interog), at what time, at any time (indef adv)
sacerdos, sacerdotis [m.] C Noun priest
statuo, statuis, statuere C, statui, statutum Verb set up, establish, set, place, build, decide, think
superbia, superbiae [f.] A Noun arrogant
supplicium, supplicii [n.] O Noun punishment, suffering, supplication, torture
turpis/turpe, turpis M Adjective ugly, shameful, base, disgraceful
ut Adverb as, like

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