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Inherent to Felix

Vocable Translation
alo, alis, alere C, alui, altum Verb nourish, support, sustain, increase, cherish
auxilium, auxilii [n.] O Noun help, aid
bonus/bona/bonum, AO Adjective good
capra, caprae [f.] A Noun she-goat, nanny-goat, [Caprae palus => on...
colonus, coloni [m.] O Noun farmer, cultivator, tiller, tenant-farmer,...
custodio, custodis, custodire I, custodivi, custoditum Verb guard, protect, preserve, watch over, keep...
familia, familiae [f.] A Noun family
finitimus/finitima/finitimum, AO Adjective neighboring, bordering, adjoining
hic, haec, hoc Demonstrative Pronoun this, that
ludo, ludis, ludere C, lusi, lusum Verb trick
miser/misera/miserum, AO Adjective poor, miserable, wretched, unfortunate,...
miseria, miseriae [f.] A Noun misery, distress, woe, wretchedness, suffering
non ignorare Phrase well known
pater, patris [m.] C Noun father
raro Adverb seldom, rare
situs/sita/situm, AO Adjective laid up, stored, positioned, situated, centered (on)
unus/una/unum, AO Adjective one
vicinus, vicini [m.] O Noun neighbor

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