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Vocable Translation
aer, aeris [m.] C Noun air
cursus, cursus [m.] U Noun running, race, course
dementia, dementiae [f.] A Noun madness, insanity, derangement of the mind, distr…
instrumentum, instrumenti [n.] O Noun tool, tools, equipment, apparatus, instrument, me…
linea, lineae [f.] A Noun string, line (plumb/fishing), [alba ~ => white li…
machina, machinae [f.] A Noun machine, siege engine, scheme
medicus, medici [m.] O Noun doctor
miror, miraris, mirari A, miratus sum (Dep.) Verb marvel at, admire, wonder
potestas, potestatis [f.] C Noun power
sano, sanas, sanare A, sanavi, sanatum Verb cure, heal, correct, quiet
secretum, secreti [n.] O Noun secret, mystic rite, haunt
stultitia, stultitiae [f.] A Noun folly, stupidity
ultra Preposition beyond, on the other side, on that side, more tha…
unicus/unica/unicum, AO Adjective only, sole, single, singular, unique, uncommon, u…
ut Conjunction (1.) as, like, how (2.) that, so that
vel Conjunction (1.) or, even, actually, or even, in deed (2.) or…
velocitas, velocitatis [f.] C Noun speed, swiftness, velocity
verbero, verberas, verberare A, verberavi, verberatum Verb beat, strike, lash
volo, volas, volare A, volavi, volatum Verb fly, wish, want
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