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Inherent to Cursus Continuus

Vocable Translation
aequo, aequas, aequare A, aequavi, aequatum Verb level, make even/straight, equal, compare,...
agri cultura Phrase not yet translated :(
alio Adverb elsewhere, another direction, to another...
arbitror, arbitraris, arbitrari A, arbitratus sum (Dep.) Verb judge, think
bellum gerere Phrase not yet translated :(
caro, carnis [f.] M Noun meat, flesh, the_body, pulpy/fleshy/soft parts...
circa/circum Other not yet translated :(
concilium, concilii [n.] O Noun assembly, gathering, convention
cultura, culturae [f.] A Noun agriculture/cultivation/tilling, care of...
dedecus, dedecoris [n.] C Noun disgrace/dishonor/discredit/shame/infamy,...
diligens, diligentis M Adjective thorough, careful, diligent
extra Preposition beyond, outside
fas n Noun Divine law, Right, Obligation
finis, finis [m.] I Noun end, limit, boundary, purpose, (plural)...
frigus, frigoris [n.] C Noun cold, cold weather, winter, frost
humilis/humile, humilis M Adjective lowly, humble
minuo, minuis, minuere C, minui, minutum Verb lessen, diminish
orior, oriris, oriri I, ortus sum (Dep.) Verb rise (sun/river), arise/emerge, crop up, get...
polliceor, polliceris, polliceri E, pollicitus sum (Dep.) Verb promise
praedico, praedicas, praedicare A, praedicavi, praedicatum Verb proclaim/declare/make known/publish/announce...
proprius/propria/proprium, AO Adjective distinct, peculiar
sanctus/sancta/sanctum, AO Adjective sacred, holy
simul Adverb simultaneously, at the same time
singulus/singula/singulum, AO Adjective every single one
solitudo, solitudinis [f.] C Noun solitude, loneliness, deprivation, wilderness
studium, studii [n.] O Noun zeal, enthusiasm, excitement, study
terra, terrae [f.] A Noun land, earth
vasto, vastas, vastare A, vastavi, vastatum Verb devastate
violo, violas, violare A, violavi, violatum Verb violate, dishonor, outrage

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