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Vocable Translation
abdo, abdis, abdere C, abdidi, abditum Verb remove, put away, set aside, depart, go away, hid…
Ad huc Adverb here, to this place, to this point
amicitia, amicitiae [f.] A Noun friendship
antea Adverb before, before this, formerly, previously, in the…
aures alicui praebere Phrase still in translation
auris, auris [f.] M Noun ear, hearing, a discriminating sense of hearing, …
comoedia, comoediae [f.] A Noun comedy (as form of drama/literature, comedy (work…
corrumpo, corrumpis, corrumpere C, corrupi, corruptum Verb spoil, rot, taint, contaminate, damage, ruin, und…
dicis, dicis [f.] M Noun form, [~ causa/gratia (only) => for the sake of a…
dignus/digna/dignum, AO Adjective worthy, dignified
Facinus, Facinoris [n.] C Noun malpractice, crime
falsus/falsa/falsum, AO Adjective wrong, lying, fictitious, spurious, false, deceiv…
humanitas, humanitatis [f.] C Noun human nature, character, humanity (adjc. ), kindn…
iactare Other still in translation
iste, ista, istud Demonstrative Pronoun this, that
liberalitas, liberalitatis [f.] C Noun courtesy, kindness, nobleness, generosity, frankn…
magnus/magna/magnum, AO Adjective big, great
minus Adverb less, not so well, not quite
persuadeo, persuades, persuadere E, persuasi, persuasum Verb make sweet, persuade
possideo, possides, possidere E, possedi, possessum Verb possess, own, have
praebeo, praebes, praebere E, praebui, praebitum Verb offer, provide
programmo, programmas, programmare A, programmavi, programmatum Verb program (data processing)
promissum, promissi [n.] O Noun promise
res gestae Phrase things done
saeculum, saeculi [n.] O Noun century, age, generation
se iactare Phrase still in translation
somnium, somnii [n.] O Noun dream, vision, fantasy, day-dream
stultus/stulta/stultum, AO Adjective foolish, stupid
velim/vllem Other still in translation
volo, vis, velle IR, volui, - Verb want, wish
video, vides, videre E, vidi, visum Verb see
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