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Inherent to Cursus Continuus

Vocable Translation
nonnulli/nonnullae/nonnulla, AO Adjective several, some, a few
abduco, abducis, abducere C, abduxi, abductum Verb lead away, carry off, detach, attract away, entic…
adeo Adverb to such a degree/pass/point, precisely, exactly, …
ante Preposition before, previously, first, before this, earlier, …
apud Preposition at, with
Bene Adverb well
carcer, carceris [m.] C Noun prison, jail, jailbird, starting barriers at race…
citus/cita/citum, AO Adjective quick, swift, rapid, moving/acting/passing/occurr…
claudo, claudis, claudere C, clausi, claudsum Verb shut, close
cum Conjunction with, when, at the time/on each occasion/in the s…
desero, deseris, deserere C, deserui, desertum Verb leave, depart, quit, desert, forsake, abandon, gi…
discedo, discedis, discedere C, discessi, discessum Verb go away, depart
evado, evadis, evadere C, evasi, evasum Verb evade, escape, avoid
expleo, exples, explere E, explevi, expletum Verb fill, fill up, complete
faber, fabri [m.] O Noun workman, artisan, smith, carpenter
firmus/firma/firmum, AO Adjective strong
gaudium, gaudii [n.] O Noun happiness, joy
officium, officii [n.] O Noun duty, service
post+Acc. Preposition after, behind, later, afterwards
pretium, pretii [n.] O Noun price, value, wage, salary
programmo, programmas, programmare A, programmavi, programmatum Verb program (data processing)
quaero, quaeris, quaerere C, quaesivi, quaesitum Verb search, research, ask
quaerere ex Phrase still in translation
quo Adverb where
scio, scis, scire I, scivi, scitum Verb know
statim Adverb at once, immediately
teneo, tenes, tenere E, tenui, tentum Verb hold
ubique Adverb anywhere, everywhere (ubiquitous)
vado, vadis, vadere C, vasi, - Verb go, advance, rush, hurry, walk
Voci Mundi, is [f.] C Noun voice
votum, voti [n.] O Noun vow, pledge, religious undertaking/promise, praye…

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