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Vocable Translation
accido, accidis, accidere C, accidi, accisum Verb cut, cut into/down/up, hack, hew, fell, overthrow…
auxilium, auxilii [n.] O Noun help, aid
consiliaris, consiliaris [m.] M Noun counsel, advice, counseling
convenio, convenis, convenire I, convenirei, conventum Verb (1.) gather, convene, assemble, accost (2.) agree…
do, das, dare A, dedi, datum Verb give, offer
debeo, debes, debere E, debui, debitum Verb owe, ought, must
delector, delectaris, delectari A, delectatus sum (Dep.) Verb delight, please, amuse, fascinate, charm, lure, e…
finio, finis, finire I, finivi, finitum Verb limit, end, finish, determine, define, mark out t…
inquam, inquis, inquere C, inquii, inquum Verb say
libero, liberas, liberare A, liberavi, liberatum Verb (1.) to liberate, to free (2.) free, liberate (3.…
libertas, libertatis [f.] C Noun freedom
nisi Conjunction if not, except, unless
non debere Phrase still in translation
nonne Other (1.) surely (2.) no?, not?, not? (interog, expect…
oro, oras, orare A, oravi, oratum Verb pray, beg
possum, potes, posse IR, potui, - Verb be able, can
protego, protegis, protegere C, protexi, protectum Verb cover, protect
puella, puellae [f.] A Noun girl
que Conjunction and, And, Und
quis Pronoun who
sacrificium, sacrificii [n.] O Noun sacrifice, offering to a deity
scribo, scribis, scribere C, scripsi, scriptum Verb write
si Conjunction if, If
sic Adverb (1.) so, this, still, in this way (2.) Thus, Just…
solus/sola/solum, AO Adjective alone, only, the only
tamen Conjunction nevertheless, however, still, despite, yet, notwi…
valeo, vales, valere E, valui, valiturum Verb (1.) be strong, have power (2.) be well
voveo, voves, vovere E, vovi, votum Verb vow, dedicate, consecrate
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