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Inherent to Campus C2

Vocable Translation
addo, addis, addere C, addidi, additum Verb add, insert, bring/attach to, say in addition,...
amicitia, amicitiae [f.] A Noun friendship
apertus/aperta/apertum, AO Adjective open/public/free, uncovered/exposed/opened,...
augeo, auges, augere E, auxi, auctum Verb enlarge, extend, increase
cupio, cupis, cupere M, cupivi, cupitum Verb desire, wish, long for
cursus, cursus [m.] U Noun running, race, course
dexter/dextera/dexterum, AO Adjective right, on/to the right hand/side,...
dextra, dextrae [f.] A Noun right hand, weapon/greeting/shaking hand,...
Hamilcar, Hamilcaris [m.] C Noun Hamilcar Barkas
Hannibal, Hannibalis [m.] I Noun Hannibal, (Carthaginian general in 2nd Punic War)
immortalis/immortale, immortalis M Adjective not subject to death, immortal
iuro, iuras, iurare A, iuravi, iuratum Verb swear
odio esse Phrase not yet translated :(
odium, odii [n.] O Noun hatred
pello, pellis, pellere C, pepuli, pulsum Verb beat, hit, slap, thrust, bump
Romani Hannibali odio erant. Phrase not yet translated :(
trans montes Phrase not yet translated :(
trans Prap. m. Akk. Phrase not yet translated :(
verto, vertis, vertere C, verti, versum Verb turn, change

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