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Inherent to Campus C1

Vocable Translation
etiam Conjunction also, too, even
fleo, fles, flere E, flevi, fletum Verb weep
gladius, gladii [m.] O Noun military sword, kind of short sword,...
itaque Conjunction because of, therefore, and so
iterum Adv. Phrase not yet translated :(
lateo, lates, latere E, latui, - Verb lie hidden, lurk, live a retired life, escape notice
libertas, libertatis [f.] C Noun freedom
placeo, places, placere E, placui, placitum Verb please, oblidge
qui, quae, quod Relative Pronoun who, which, whom, that
sceleratus, scelerati [m.] O Noun criminal
sonus, soni [m.] O Noun noise, sound
statim Adv. Phrase not yet translated :(
subito Adv. Phrase not yet translated :(
tantum Adv. Phrase not yet translated :(
torqueo, torques, torquere E, torsi, tortum Verb turn, twist, hurl, torture, torment, bend,...

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