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Inherent to Campus B2

Vocable Translation
barbarus/barbara/barbarum, AO Adjective foreign, of/used by/typical of foreigners,...
Carolo auctore Phrase not yet translated :(
Carolo Magno imperatore Phrase not yet translated :(
Carolus Magnus Phrase not yet translated :(
censeo, censes, censere E, censui, censitum Verb think/suppose, judge, recommend, decree, vote,...
doceo, doces, docere E, docui, doctum Verb teach
francus, franci [m.] O Noun franc (currency)
ignosco, ignoscis, ignoscere C, ignovi, ignotum Verb grant pardon , forgive
legatus, legati [m.] O Noun Envoy, Lieutenant, Commander
libertas, libertatis [f.] C Noun freedom
me invito Phrase not yet translated :(
me praesente Phrase not yet translated :(
munus, muneris [n.] C Noun service, duty, office, function, gift,...
nomen, nominis [n.] C Noun name
nuper Other lately
pax, pacis [f.] C Noun peace
Persa, Persae [m.] A Noun Persian, native of Persia, (sometimes for...
rege vivo Phrase not yet translated :(
vivus/viva/vivum, AO Adjective alive, living

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