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Inherent to Campus B2

Vocable Translation
a iuventute Phrase not yet translated :(
adversus, adversi [m.] O Noun person, foe opposite, directly facing...
auris, auris [f.] M Noun ear, hearing, a discriminating sense of...
Christianus/Christiana/Christianum, AO Adjective Christian
circumdo, circumdas, circumdare A, circumdedi, circumdatum Verb surround, envelop, post/put/place/build...
converto, convertis, convertere C, converti, conversum Verb turn, convert, transform
Iesus Nazarenus Phrase not yet translated :(
ne Other not, (intro clause of purpose with subj verb),...
opprimo, opprimis, opprimere C, oppressi, oppressum Verb suppress, overwhelm, overpower, check
pergo, pergis, pergere C, perrexi, perrectum Verb go on, proceed
programmo, programmas, programmare A, programmavi, programmatum Verb program (data processing)
religio, religonis [f.] C Noun religion
respondeo, respondes, respondere E, respondui, responditum Verb respond, answer
Saulus/Paulus Other not yet translated :(
scribo, scribis, scribere C, scripsi, scriptum Verb write
trado, tradis, tradere C, tradidi, traditum Verb hand over, surrender, deliver, bequeath, relate
ut Conjunction that, so that

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