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Inherent to Campus B2

Vocable Translation
alius ... alius Phrase still in translation
comprehendo, comprehendis, comprehendere C, comprehendi, comprehensum Verb catch/seize/grasp firmly, arrest, take hold/root/…
conicio, conicis, conicere M, conjeci, conjectum Verb throw, put/pile together, conclude, infer, guess,…
duco, ducis, ducere C, duxi, ductum Verb lead, guide, develop
io, is, ere M, __auto__i, ?um Verb This kid doesn't know what he/she/it is doing. Go…
facio, facis, facere M, feci, factum Verb do, make, handle
interficio, interficis, interficere M, interfeci, interfectum Verb (1.) kill, murder, destroy, put and end to (2.) o…
invenio, invenis, invenire I, inveni, inventum Verb come upon, find
laedo, laedis, laedere C, laesi, laesum Verb hurt
littera, litterae [f.] A Noun a letter of the alphabet, (plural) a letter, lite…
mitto, mittis, mittere C, misi, missum Verb send
paucus/pauca/paucum, AO Adjective little, small in quantity/extent, few (usu. pl.),…
recito, recitas, recitare A, recitavi, recitatum Verb read (aloud), present
reprehendo, reprehendis, reprehendere C, reprehendi, reprehensum Verb hold back, seize, catch, blame
rideo, rides, ridere E, risi, risum Verb laugh
terra, terrae [f.] A Noun land, earth
traho, trahis, trahere C, traxi, tractum Verb draw, drag, derive, assume, acquire, influence, c…
undique Adverb from every side, direction, place, part, source, …
venio, venis, venire I, veni, ventum Verb come
ventum est Phrase still in translation
video, vides, videre E, vidi, visum Verb see
vinco, vincis, vincere C, vici, victum Verb win, conquer, defeat
vis, / [f.] M Noun force, power, strength

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