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Inherent to Campus B2

Vocable Translation
circiter Adverb nearly, not far from, almost, approximately,...
complus, compluris M Adjective many (pl.), several, a fair/good number, more...
damno, damnas, damnare A, damnavi, damnatum Verb pass, pronounce judgment, find guilty,...
fenestra, fenestrae [f.] A Noun window
impedio, impedis, impedire I, impedivi, impeditum Verb impede, hinder, prevent
ira, irae [f.] A Noun anger, wrath, rage
iudex, iudicis [m.] C Noun judge, juror
lex, legis [f.] C Noun law, statute
merx, mercis [f.] M Noun commodity, merchandise (pl.), goods
paene Adverb nearly, almost, mostly
poena, poenae [f.] A Noun penalty, punishment
remaneo, remanes, remanere E, remansi, remansum Verb remain, stay behind, abide, continue
species, speciei [f.] E Noun sight, appearance, show, splendor, beauty, kind, type
totus/tota/totum, AO Adjective whole, entire

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